Saturday, January 1, 2011

i got some pics from mfs today and thought i'd add a few into the blob. here's my adorable little red-headed nephew again . . .

and of course, the classic 'show this at his wedding' shot . . .

hilarious one of me and mfs. i always maintained that i was the better looking of the two of us, but this pic makes me think twice . . .

and oh yes - mfs tried out her NEW DION SNOWSHOES today and absolutely LOVES THEM!

so after a few days of a 'total sugar diet' and very little exercise, i was more than ready to get moving. i did a great snowshoe run in palgrave and then made my way back to my beloved crossfit gym. the muscles were 'very' rested, so cleans and push presses at 85# weren't too bad. until the next day that is . . . i felt like i'd been run over by a truck! thanks dillon!

thursday i hit the humber for a 90min run. trail conditions were perfect and i had the shorts on.

i spent new years' eve with my buddy kiz - who is an amazing cook - almost total paleo - sirloin steak, salad, asparagus, salad, some decadent chocolate caramel thing. i said 'almost' . . .

and then sunday - new years' day - some maniac (we won't mention any names alex possamai) comes up with 'season's beatings 2011' at crossfit. OHMYGAWD! elora's the trainer, and stevie and dino are the only others to show up. so we decide to do the workout with 3 people instead of the prescribed 2. that lasted all of one exercise, as stevie got paged for a fire call. dino lasted until the end of the pull-ups and had to leave. 'alright, i can stop . . .' i'm thinking. but oh no, 'it's okay kendra, i'll do it with you' says elora. whhhhaaaaaa ! now keep in mind, that elora had ALREADY done her WOD - which included 300 squats and a bunch of running! seriously, i did not think i would get through this. and what the hell was with the 191 box jumps at the end????!!! are you fucking kidding me??!!!!

but we did it! whew! thanks elora - you're amazing ! the whole thing took me/us 1 hour and 40 minutes! longest WOD ever ! the two wooden discs in the pic below are representing stevie and dino.

i was supposed to go running right after class, but that wasn't going to happen. i dragged my butt back to the treehouse and got some food into me. finally at about 4:00 i felt recovered enough to attempt palgrave. unfortunately it's been raining for the past day, and so most of our snow is gone, leaving the trail slushy/icy/muddy. still, the legs felt great and i had a beautiful foggy run just as it started to get dark.

great way to spend the first day of 2011

'life is good'

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