Sunday, November 18, 2012

the stoopid shit we do just for a t-shirt!

um, so, turns out i should have read the rules.   the burpees were to be done by themselves, with no other activity involved.   so i went out and did 1000 fucking burpees, but i DO NOT get the shirt.   i am such an idiot ...

but for your amusement, here's the story ...

and don't try to tell me i'm the only one who does this!  i seem to remember a bunch of misfits back in 2007 paying over $1700 for a shirt that said we rode our bikes for 7 days through the bc rockies.  also not to mention an insane bunch of people who did close to 7000 burpees last spring!

anyways, i was wasting some time on facebook yesterday, and came across this picture below!  the incredible syn martinez of crossfit harlem had a contest which offered this t-shirt as a prize.  the only catch being you had to do 1000 burpees!  

and you had to have a witness.   so i dragged my long lost buddy everhard out for a 'few hours' in the forest!

as you can see, i was really looking forward to this ...

the first one is ALWAYS the worst!

 poor everhard had to do SOMETHING while he was waiting/counting!   and check out his kool movember stache!   very nice!

 so i did 305 here before moving on.   we ran awhile and found another suitable area to hack out a few hundred more!   total after this - 610 ...

 we found a great spot in a farmer's field where i plodded my way up to 980!   and at last, with the old shoulders screaming, we ran to the top of 'murphy's pinnacle' for the grand finale where even everhard did a few !

good gawd i'm getting too old for this shit!

 999 ...

ya!  stoopid burpees!

thanks for your help everhard!  sorry to make you wait so long!

and the proof is in the pudding!  everhard even signed it to make if official!

and so, 4 hours later, with 12k thrown in, i am once again the burpee queen!  can't WAIT to get my shirt!!

  cuz really, it's all about the shirt ...

Monday, November 12, 2012

thomas, jay and an old snatch ...

wow!  what a day!  my poor little body is so stiff !  i came home last night, ate the contents of my fridge and crashed without even getting in the shower.  why you ask ...

on sunday, me, thomas and jason p went to reebok crossfit east woodbridge for the CompWOD - 2 bars, 1 snatch competition - a team event consisting of 2 men (bars) and 1 woman (snatch)(and in my case - an old snatch)!  our name was a definite hit!  there were 3 other teams representing crossfit bolton;  clockwork orange - father jimmy, the mighty alex and badkat, orange crush - jay, lisa and to-nay, and shinobi3 - marsala, anthony and wes. 

the first two workouts were used to rank teams into 3 categories - elite, A and B.  considering my inability to do a few moves, like muscle ups and handstand push ups, i figured we'd be in the B division.  so WOD 1 consisted of the 3 of us completing 150 wallballs, 75 snatches and 'fran'.  we got through the first two, and thomas ripped off 17 pull ups of 'fran' before the clock stopped us at 10 minutes.  we were in 38th position out of 41.   the second WOD gave each of us just 3 minutes to achieve our one rep max in the deadlift, clean and snatch.  i was up first and managed to get to 245lb - pretty good for me.

then jason pr'd his power clean but i can't remember what weight he got to - 235 maybe?!

and thomas nailed the snatch - again - not sure the exact weight.  regardless, it was enough that our combined score moved us up to 32nd postion which put us amongst 11 teams in division B.

my beautiful and strong friend lisa crushed her PR at 295lbs - man i love this chick!

and here's to-nay looking awesome at the top of his snatch!

so the next WOD was a chipper.   thomas started, followed by jason and then me, with only my score counting.  we went through our first set of burpees - 20 of the fuckers - followed by 30 push presses,

50 sumo deadlift high pulls with a 16k kettlebell, 30 box jumps and a 500m row.   you couldn't start an exercise until the person in front of you finished.  i managed to get in all 30 box jumps before the clock stopped.   our score was high enough to let us advance into the next round!  

team shinobi3 - marsala pumping out 30 push presses unbroken!

LOVE the look on jay's face - rowing sucks!

just adore this pic ...

amazed that we were still going, we readied ourselves for the announcement of the next WOD.  it was funny how nervous we all got before each one!  we just about shit our pants when they said 60 pull-ups - we thought they meant EACH of us had to do 60 - i'd STILL be there doing them!  but luckily that wasn't the case.  we could split them up between the 3 of us.  thomas is the best at these, so we let him do the majority of them.

 then me and jason split 30 cleans between the 2 of us ...

leaving poor thomas to do 20 'burpee-jump-over-box'.    these were just nasty and thomas was flying - they were probably the dirtiest box jumps we'd ever seen, but when the dust finally settled we'd somehow made it into the semi-finals!  4 teams left!   holy krap!

so the next WOD just about killed me.  they rolled out these strange looking bikes with handles on them, along with tires and 30lb squishy medicine balls.   good gawd!   the idea was for each member to 'bike' for 20 calories, pick-up and drop the med ball over your shoulder 30 times, and then do 10 burpees (more fucking burpees) which end with a jump up onto the tire!  you had to wait for the person in front of you to finish before you could start each exercise and the female had to go last.   the first 3 teams through the sequence got to rest one minute before continuing the whole thing in reverse order.   argh!   once again, thomas started us off.

then jason ...

fucking burpees !!!

as i hit the tire for the 10th rep, i realized the girl across from me was still jumping - which meant we made the cut - which meant we had to go again !   argh!  so 10 more burpees  ...

pick up the ball ...

and back on that horrible bike !  to make matters worse, the other 2 girls had already started pedaling!  fuck!

all i can remember is my legs starting to burn after about 5 calories and the mighty alex screaming in my ear to 'keep pushing, keep moving, don't stop'.   i don't think i breathed the whole time and i DID taste blood!  

when the judge finally said i could stop i almost fell off the bike.  i looked over and the other girl was still pedaling!  we had done it!  we made it into the final!  i was stunned!

check out the amazing 'clockwork orange' team doing this same WOD ...

look at the size of the back on the mighty one!

go kat !!

um, one of the reasons i do crossfit ...

where was i ...      oh ya!  the finals!  the throw-down!  the head-to-head!   ack!  i just wanted to throw up i was so nervous!   as they announced what we were about to do, i just cringed.  thrusters - my second least favorite exercise - and burpees-over-the-bar - my first least favorite exercise. 10 thrusters, 10 burpees, 10 thrusters.  and i had to go last. 

we gave it our all, but it just wasn't meant to be.   she had me by 5 thrusters.

we congratulated the other team for an outstanding effort!

i was overwhelmed!   i could not believe how far we came!  i could not believe we managed to place second!   i was so proud of my boys!

i had to include this picture of to-nay, lisa and jay!   they were incredible and just missed the cut in the elite division!!!

and clockwork orange - jimmy, kat and alex - were the overall winners!  yay!!

a great group shot of all the cfb and cfm athletes!  awesome job everyone!  you did our boxes proud!

and finally, my teammates - thomas and jason - thank you so much for an awesome day!  you were both amazing and i had a blast!!!

and as one of the organizers said to me - 'not bad for an old snatch' !