Wednesday, April 16, 2014

compwod tag team open 2014

i really put my legs to the test last weekend.   coach D wanted me to run 3.5 hours on saturday - not a problem - except that i had signed up for a crossfit competition the next day.  what the hell?  what could go wrong?  so i headed out just after 10 on the palgrave sidetrail, and made my way over to hwy 9 before turning back.

conditions were all over the place, some ice ...

some dirt ...

some snow ...

and a purty blue sky overhead ...

took a little breather at the top of k2 before heading back to my car.

3.5 hours done and i felt great!

on sunday i woke up a little stiff, but not bad!   me and my partner, policeman dave, drove to crossfit cordis in oakville for the compwod tag team open.   as usual, our hosts, jamie and kevin, put on a fantastic event!

dave had only done one small competition before, so he wasn't sure what to expect.  the first wod was kool!  well, for me, but maybe not him!  he had to carry my sorry old arse across his shoulders for 400m.  we both almost died!  he with my weight, and me almost being dumped in a pothole!  haha!  but we did it.  i then got to run 400m with a 30lb sandbag while dave did a shit-load of wallballs!  in the span of 10 minutes, we managed both runs and 160 wallballs!  we placed pretty good after this wod.  the second one didn't really suit me.  the goal was to reach our one rep max clean, with rounds of cindy thrown in between.  i only got to 115 - almost all of the other females STARTED at 125 - while dave pr'd at 225!  wahoo!  unfortunately our combined score wasn't that great and overall we ended up in the 'b' or 'badass' division.

the third wod was a blast - a 12 minute chipper!  it started with 30 reps each of front squats, shoulder to overhead, cleans and snatches - split up between the two of us.

the only kicker was that while one partner was doing reps, the other couldn't drop the bar!

we thought we were doing okay, but we were the last ones to finish the bar work - wtf?

from there we ran over to the ropes, it was only a 12 foot climb, so i did one and dave did the rest - pretty easy for him considering his height!  after doing 50 squat jumps, we stumbled through 30 burpee over box jumps, of which dave did more for sure!

then 30 knees to elbows - again, dave crushed these ...

and finally, we had to do 10 wall climbs.  i had asked dave before we started if he'd ever done one, to which he replied, 'well, i watched kathy do one once ...'  hahaa!

but he did pretty good!

with 5 seconds remaining on the clock, i scrambled up the wall, banged my forehead, and crumpled down to get in the final rep!  wahoo!

what a hoot!  i loved that one!  dave - not so sure ...

by just sneaking in the last rep, we managed to get ourselves into the semi-finals!

and, in true compwod fashion, it involved thrusters (my least favorite bar move) and burpees (my least favorite anything).  5 minutes to do 15 thrusters, 30 burpees over bar, and another 15 thrusters.  the only kicker being we had to do them TOGETHER!  so if one of us dropped the bar, the other one had to wait!  argh!  we weren't quite fast enough to get into the top 3 and move on, but we were a very respectable 6th place out of i think 21 teams!  not bad for a rookie and an old broad ...

thanks dave!  that was a super fun day.  i had a blast and you were an awesome partner!

this weekend, moose is helping me move my shit out of the farm.  a girl can only go so long without water, and, i can't live in the palace forever.

but life goes on ...

love you mfs, miss you ...


Sunday, April 6, 2014

see kat run !

we got our kevin ogar shirts the other day!  wahoo!  looking good!

i actually managed to get out on the trail somewhat early on saturday - well, earlier than usual!  started at humber station and got almost through glen haffy.

kool cedar patterns on the snow through k2 ...

not the birthday tree, but just as impressive!

oh ya!  rocking it for 3 hours and feeling good!


after another barbaric workout of burpees and thrusters at sunday mass, we headed out for breakfast.  policeman dave did the 'just show up after class' thing this week!  and rannnnnnnnnnnn-dy was well behaved!

and LOOK who i got out on the trail!  yup!  badkat!  after a rather amusing conversation ...

tree hugger!

i think she's having fun!

climbing hills!

we even ran into sherry and buffett!  it's above zero so he ventured outside!

 what a great run - almost an hour and she didn't get her shoes muddy!

awesome weekend - i'm beat!  and i leave you with this ...

thanks tone!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

14.5 and the polka dot tire ...

let's make the final workout of the crossfit games open one that will cause everybody to want to throw up at the end, if not sooner.

let's include my two LEAST favorite things - thrusters and burpees ...

and not just burpees either - bar facing burpees. so once you've done your thrusters, you then have to face the bar, do a burpee and jump OVER the fucking bar ...

and you have to do 84 of EACH ...

with no time cap - so it's just go as fast as you can and finish.

seriously dirty workout.  i was absolutely dreading it, so when i went in on friday, i just thought to do it and get it out of the way.  it never felt easy but with kathy pushing, i managed to finish in 17:44 - done and done!  no redo on this one!

my final standings in this year's open in the women's 50-54 age category - 11th in canada east and 101 worldwide.   my awesome friend kathy finished 5th in canada east - not bad for someone who was all messed up less than 6 months ago!    

haaa!  check out gerrrrrrrrr-ry!  he got his 'upsidedowns' working finally!

and with the open out of the way, i can now focus on fatdog training!   i went into albion on saturday and put in almost 3 hours.  stoopid sign ...

creeks are starting to move!

definitely shorts weather ...

ran into these two guys!  love the pylon colored bandannas!

breakfast club after sunday mass with father jimmy!

and then sunday afternoon i went for a hike up the palgrave sidetrail.

absolute beauty of a day!

sigh ...

shot by the birthday tree - i took the dions but i didn't need them!

and i finally got to do some kool training this week!  coach D asked me if i'd be up for dragging a tire around behind me while running.  fuck yes!  so i went to my mechanic mike and scrounged an old tire.  but of course with the tire comes a set of rules.  you have to paint the tire, name the tire and talk to the tire as you pull it down the trail.  so then i went to the hardware store and got some rope, a bungee cord and some bright pink paint.  my buddy gerrrrrrrr-ry had given me some white paint earlier on so i was all set!  initially i had thought to do it in rainbow colors, but that would mean lots of paint and too much patience.  then i thought to do it pink, but that's kinda boring.  THEN i had a brilliant idea - why not get all symbollic - paint it white, with pink polka dots - this would represent the 'king of the mountains' jersey worn by the best climbers in the tour de france!  after all, i am in training for a mountain run!  and initally i was going to call the tire larry, but i couldn't think of any tour riders named larry.  i texted moose and he suggested a couple guys i'd never heard of.  he then suggested jan ullrich, but it didn't look like a jan.  finally he offered up 'eddy merckx' - hmmm - okay - i like it - eddy it is!  i was just chomping to try eddy out on wednesday - the inaugural tire drag run - and when i finally got into albion just before 11 i was pumped!  i carefully put all the pieces together and hauled eddy out of the little red mazda (yes, my car smells like spray paint).

with my afrobrutality '1000 burpee' shirt on for good measure, i started down the trail!  i had a blast!!!!!    i can't WAIT to do more of this!!!

i love that i've decided to do fatdog.  my running has a purpose and it's really fired me up!    "life is good" baby!