Monday, July 29, 2013

open redo

i've been missing friday night club the past few weeks so i figured i'd better get my ass back there!  great group as always!!   really good to see little bro again !!

and then there was 'the wedding'.  what a kerfuffle!  i even got my stoopid hair straightened! haaa!  i borrowed a dress from lori and shoes from one of corinne's daughters (thank gawd for friends and clients) and that was about all i needed.   i supposed i looked alright, but i felt like a clown!   i couldn't wait to get home and back into my joe boxers ...

lisa and sara looked HOT !

ahaa!    that's more like it !

 mrs. p looked gorgeous and poopy pants stole the show with her little flowered dress!!

and as for sonia - the bride - she was stunning!

my favorite sister and the redhead were in town last week so i drove to the patch for a visit.  check out how big my grand-niece jayden is getting!!!

my brother and my favorite sister ...

my favorite sister ...

and the redhead!   what a maroon!

LOVE this kid!

great shot of the 3 of us !!

last thursday our club hosted a small comp  called the open redo.  3 VERY short workouts taken from this year's crossfit open.   here's up and coming beast kim p doing a snatch!  she eventually pr'd at 120lbs!  holy fuck!

and her partner kim nelson ...

my two favorite buddies!  (ya, we're going to hell)

actually, i think we're ALL going to hell, and fig's driving the bus ...

toni (with an i) and lisa

oh ya!  check out fig - way to work that snatch !!

 haaa!   hanging out with toni (with an i)

my awesome partner sara !

and the ever popular fucker - father jimmy!

so i had a fun evening hanging out with everyone, but i must say that i prefer the regular comps.  this one lasted less than 3 hours and  i think i only worked out for a total of 5 minutes.   thanks to alex for hosting, but i'm positive that he could put on a much better event.

and my little buddy shar sent me this pic.  apparently it just showed up in her garden ...

love it !

Sunday, July 14, 2013

hanging out with kathy in fort lauderdale

 oh ya!   flew into fort lauderdale last monday to meet up and train with kathy for a few days!   she's doing the crossfit games ya know!  she'd been down there for a month and i decided to go down and join her!

the box we're training at is run by steven and heidi bowser - broward crossfit and sports performance facility and what an amazing place! 

the 5 days is a blur!  we basically did crossfit and ate the entire time!   i fucking LOVED it!  kathy spent some time out by the pool sunbathing, but it was way too hot for me!  talk about hoomidity!  ugh!  the last day i did a 23min workout and sweated for 23min after.  and i don't just mean sweat, i mean it looked like i was standing under a shower!  awesome!

here are a few pics ...

power snatches

this little guy was incredible!!!  2 years old and already kicking butt!  

we got to play with the stones!

 lots of power cleans ...

this is billy!  one of the trainers ...

 what a sweetie!

 aha!  i've fallen and i can't get up !!

we got to do some sled pulls!

 and my favorite - the prowler !!!

this is heidi - so kool !!!!!  i think she's injured just about every part of her body yet she still kicks ass!

some shots from the 'dirty thirty' ...

this is carl - he is ADORABLE!

 and of course, just to mess with me, we had to do an interval workout on - dadadadada - the fucking airdyne!   nooooooo!   i thought i was done with this thing ...

best horror face EVER !!!

 haaaaa!   check out steve in the pink hat!  he's like the florida version of alex - pretty much says whatever's in his head, no filter, regardless of outcome!   awesome!!

i must say - i had a blast!  living the life of leisure suited me and i sure didn't want to come home!!   i was exhausted and quite happy to put my feet up once i made it back to the treehouse.

and as for kathy - badkat - i know she's going to be incredible at the games!  she is strong, she is fit and she is ready!   good luck my friend - leave it all out on the floor!