Tuesday, April 30, 2013

fuck you cancer !

good gawd!  it's been awhile since i've posted anything.  i can't even really remember what i've been up to.  made a small jaunt to kelowna to see the redhead - forgot to take pictures - DOH!  but had a fantastic time hanging out with him!!!

this shot was from a couple of sundays past - after i got back from out west.  did a lazy 2 hours up k2 and north of 9.   sigh - spring is finally here ...

lots of crossfit last week - maxed my back squat by 10 pounds with a sweet 185!  very pleased with that!  and friday night club - great shot of toni (with an i) holding our little crossfit baby!

the mighty one handed out burpees, so i just HAD to wear my new shirt ...

awesome group!  LOVE friday night club!!

saturday was a big day.  my friend dave - the guy with cancer - had decided to do a 'comeback run' to celebrate full remission after a stem cell transplant last september.  he chose the 25k at pick your poison, so he and tone flew in from the rock and we all met up at horseshoe valley.

here we are at the start ...

i really haven't been doing much serious running over the winter, so i knew i wouldn't be too energetic.  that and i had signed up for a crossfit competition the next day ...      regardless, the first loop went well - about 1:27 i think.  hills felt good and legs were fairly strong - even hit a bit of snow on the ski hill!  about 5k into the second loop i finally caught dave.  he was just being passed by a group of yahoos (morgan, chris, etc) and i had to laugh.  these guys had no clue who they were running with and what his story was.   this guy had WON the haliburton hundred for fuck sakes!  and here he was, pushing his way through perhaps one of the most challenging of all his many many races.   i could see he was struggling, and that he was tired.  i grabbed him and gave him a big hug and said it was about time i caught him.  he was so funny!  he started whining (he called it venting) about being slow, and being tired, and being passed - blah blah blah!  i let the pity party go on for a few minutes and then i yelled at him,  'you could be dead you know!'  ohmygawd - the people around me were horrified!  we both started to laugh!  he said something about not pulling my 'personal trainer bullshit' on him and i told him to quit bitching and just be happy he could run.  we laughed again, hugged again, and finally got back to running!

AND after all the nonsense about being tired - he KICKED my ass on the last downhill!  i couldn't keep up and he had to wait for me at the finish!

we came across the line arm in arm - it was awesome!  time - just over 3 hours.

tone was standing there waiting for us and we got a group shot.

my sexy friend ali - well he only came in SECOND!! 

words can not even begin to describe what i feel for this guy.  so i leave you with this ...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

cue the comeback ...

Reminder of FAP run next Sunday April 7th .  8 AM   
2:18 ish  Water drops and clowns. 
20 mile option if interest
There or square.  
Register early as run may be capped at 6.
this was the email from the captain last week.  he had just got back from almost killing himself on at least 3 separate occasions in arizona, and had arranged a pylon run in kilbirdie!   i was all over it - so was everhard - and we took the little red mazda, but i made him drive.  cy was the only other pylon to show up and we had a great run!  little bit of everything - snow, dirt, mud and ice.   sooo good to see the guys again!

the lovely mrs. p was trying to get some paperwork done the other day, so me and to-nay took turns looking after 'the little one'.  i'm not sure which one of us looked more awkard!

me and everhard have signed up for a 50 miler in august, and so i figured i'd better re-enlist the help of the incredible coach spaff to get me back on track.  i've been kinda lazy all winter in regards to speed/seizure work, so the first attempt at a tempo run was pretty pathetic!   good gawd!  could i be ANY slower ...

friday i paid a visit to sakred skinz where my good buddy fig was getting some work done by artist extraordinaire shawn legrow!   can't wait to see the finished product - so far it looks amazing!

oh ya, so meanwhile, we'd had this big stoopid ice storm friday morning!  

once i got back to the treehouse, i headed into albion for an hour. 

okay, it was kinda pretty ...

then friday night, back into bolton for crossfit.  more stoopid chest to bars - WITHOUT the secret weapon this time!  first of all, i was real pleased to up my 20 rep max back squat to 135lbs!   but then i totally trashed my hands doing the c2b's ...

great great group!  even fig showed up!

and then saturday, after training a few people, and some paleo pancakes, i made my way into palgrave for a 3 hour 'slush run'.  no ice left, but lots of squishy snow.  did a little out and back to the gore ...

and couldn't wait to sit in my car and put on a dry pair of sox!  FUCK my feet were cold!

oh ya, and finally, results from 13.5 and the 2013 crossfit games.  for workout 13.5, i was 7th in canada east, and 129th worldwide, and overall i finished 7th in canada east and 61st worldwide.   as expected, my friend kathy qualified in the masters women 40-44 age category by placing 5th worldwide and will be going to the games in july!  how kool is that!?

and i leave you with this ...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

crossfit games 13.5 and my secret weapon

it's time to say good-bye again to my awesome friend jason - he's heading to PEI to really focus on his MMA training.   all the best gorgeous - i will miss you horribly!

it has been a good week though!  the snow is slowly melting and the trails are getting better.   still a lot of ice, but nothing that the cascrews can't handle.   spent some time in albion on tuesday ...

and then into palgrave for another 90 min on thursday!  LOVIN this weather!

the mighty one just about killed us friday - burpees - BURPEES SUCK - overhead squats and handstand push ups.   check out our grumpy faces - well, except for shravan - he forgot - or he actually likes burpees - i'm not sure ...

and so the big announcement came wednesday - the final workout for the 2013 crossfit games - and it was HORRIBLE!

Workout 13.5

4 minute AMRAP of:
15 Thrusters (100 / 65 lbs)
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups
*4 minute bonus for every 90 reps (3 rounds) completed.

first of all, it was horrible because i knew that with a pathetic 7:26 FRAN time, i wouldn't even get close to 90 reps, therefore finishing the games with a 4 minute workout.  kind of a letdown really.  and horrible because i had only JUST learned C2B a couple of weeks ago, and they were very inconsistent.   being the idiot i am, i sent a frantic message out on facebook for a 'push-up' bra - thinking if i could get 'the girls' bigger and higher, i would stand a better chance of hitting that fucking bar!   my sweet little girlie friend marion came through for me.  not only did it push them up, and add 2 inches, but it was PINK!  argh!  check it out !!  my secret weapon!

i walked in and showed 'them' to jason p and he actually blushed!  we all had a good laugh - i figured if i couldn't go out in style, i could at least go out with a sense of humor.

so my bitchin strong friend sara went before me.  i always maintain that i want to be 'strong like her' when i grow up.  her thrusters were sooooooooo fast that she was first to drop the bar after 15 reps.

then on to the C2B - she hit the bar so hard i thought she was going to bruise!  wow!

christina had just got her C2B also ...

work it ladies!!!

she finished with 47 reps - outstanding!   then came my turn.  stoopid thrusters!

haa!  as i was pressing the bar, all i kept seeing was my rack standing straight up off my chest!

wahoo!   the stars were aligned, the spirits were on my side, and the lovely pink satin bra held as i touched those suckers to the bar for 15 solid reps!

my final score was 45.  not great, but i was just so overjoyed that i did the C2B's.  great great job everyone!

thanks sara - LOVE training with you!!

and to celebrate, a bunch of us headed over to kelseys for some well-deserved burgers and beer!

and that ends another exciting year of crossfit games.  final standings won't be up until sunday night, so i'll post my results then.  HOWEVER!  my insanely strong friend kathy - my hero - will probably be heading to the games in july!  she currently stands tied for 3rd worldwide in the masters 40-44 division!

may the force be with you ...