Saturday, April 13, 2013

cue the comeback ...

Reminder of FAP run next Sunday April 7th .  8 AM   
2:18 ish  Water drops and clowns. 
20 mile option if interest
There or square.  
Register early as run may be capped at 6.
this was the email from the captain last week.  he had just got back from almost killing himself on at least 3 separate occasions in arizona, and had arranged a pylon run in kilbirdie!   i was all over it - so was everhard - and we took the little red mazda, but i made him drive.  cy was the only other pylon to show up and we had a great run!  little bit of everything - snow, dirt, mud and ice.   sooo good to see the guys again!

the lovely mrs. p was trying to get some paperwork done the other day, so me and to-nay took turns looking after 'the little one'.  i'm not sure which one of us looked more awkard!

me and everhard have signed up for a 50 miler in august, and so i figured i'd better re-enlist the help of the incredible coach spaff to get me back on track.  i've been kinda lazy all winter in regards to speed/seizure work, so the first attempt at a tempo run was pretty pathetic!   good gawd!  could i be ANY slower ...

friday i paid a visit to sakred skinz where my good buddy fig was getting some work done by artist extraordinaire shawn legrow!   can't wait to see the finished product - so far it looks amazing!

oh ya, so meanwhile, we'd had this big stoopid ice storm friday morning!  

once i got back to the treehouse, i headed into albion for an hour. 

okay, it was kinda pretty ...

then friday night, back into bolton for crossfit.  more stoopid chest to bars - WITHOUT the secret weapon this time!  first of all, i was real pleased to up my 20 rep max back squat to 135lbs!   but then i totally trashed my hands doing the c2b's ...

great great group!  even fig showed up!

and then saturday, after training a few people, and some paleo pancakes, i made my way into palgrave for a 3 hour 'slush run'.  no ice left, but lots of squishy snow.  did a little out and back to the gore ...

and couldn't wait to sit in my car and put on a dry pair of sox!  FUCK my feet were cold!

oh ya, and finally, results from 13.5 and the 2013 crossfit games.  for workout 13.5, i was 7th in canada east, and 129th worldwide, and overall i finished 7th in canada east and 61st worldwide.   as expected, my friend kathy qualified in the masters women 40-44 age category by placing 5th worldwide and will be going to the games in july!  how kool is that!?

and i leave you with this ...

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