Saturday, May 18, 2013

finally - spring - i think ...

i'm not running much right now - stoopid calcaneal bursitis!  me and the moose have been working on it, but it's taking awhile to get it under control.   soooooooooo,  it's back to the giant ...

partly a good thing i guess, seeing as how i have to ride my bike from downsview to collingwood end of june - drat you michael ovens - and haven't really been putting in much saddle time ...

and so thank gawd i got my 2 1/2 hour ride in on saturday - as we faced THIS shit on sunday!  for fuck sakes!

forget which day this was, but almost drove into the back of a car trying to get THIS pic as i was heading into work the other morning - love kreepy sky sunrises ...

haa!  friday night club!  185lb deadlifts and box jumps!  great workout!  really good group and fed brought his (95lb) puppy! even the beautiful sonia made her 'once a month' appearance! 

wahoo!  finally did some legit rope climbs on saturday!  they were FUN!  made sure to put on the 'munchkin' sox so i wouldn't burn off my tatts ...

LOVE this chick!  and check out her adorable husband photobombing us!  excellent!  hahahaa!

*sigh*  tis the season of full bloom for the cra-bapples!   my favorite tree ...

and finally, not sure what this is all about, but the little redhead is sporting the 'mad scientist' look !

Saturday, May 11, 2013

compwod tag-team - seriously - a high jump !?

krap - when did i get so busy/lazy?  it was 2 weeks ago that me and thomas did the tag-team competition down at crossfit cordis in oakville!   i can hardly remember now what we did!  okay, wait, i just stole this off the compwod site ...

“Burpee Buddies”
12:00min cap

400m run (partner 1) – partner 2 waiting face down on floor
Burpee over partner (shoulder to shoulder, laterally to the bar) 50'
75 Thrusters @ 75/55#
50 Wall Ball passes (over rig)
75 OHS @ 75/55#
Burpee over partner (shoulder to shoulder)
400m run (partner 2)

Bar or Ball cannot touch the ground after they are picked up. A 5 burpee penalty assessed on the spot for both participants.

well for gawd sakes - we were doing great up until the wall ball passes.   then i couldn't get the fucking ball up over the bar!  i kept hitting the bar, getting hit with the ball in the head on the way down, dropping the ball, and then, getting the stoopid burpee penalties!  we JUST made it through the wall balls and thomas did one overhead squat before time ran out!

in the second wod, we had 5min for thomas to reach his one rep max power snatch AND me to reach my one rep max squat clean.  i honestly can't remember what thomas got, and i grunted out a real ugly 120 - although it was more of a power clean/front squat.  after resting for 1 minute, we then had to do a 2:00 amrap where thomas did cleans and i did power snatches.  we had to pick a weight we could both do, so we settled on 75lbs - i couldn't do the next one up which was 95.  we did pretty good with this, and when the scores were tallied, we ended up about 6th in the B division.

i didn't manage to get any pictures of the next wod, but it was fun!!

“Meet Me In the Middle”
12min cap

10 burpee box jumps
25 squat jumps
30 hang power clean 75/55lbs
5 Rope Climbs per team (each partner must do at least 1 rope climb)
30 front squats 95lb/65lb
25 knees to elbows
10 wall climbs

Partners start at opposite ends and each advance through movements as fast as they can and “meet” in the middle (@ rope climbs). Between the two, they must complete 5 rope climbs broken up any way, but each partner MUST do at least 1. When the 5 rope climbs are done, athletes continue through the workout (passing each other) and finish the movements. If one partner finishes before the other, they may join in and help the other partner finish the movement. 

we did great - being only 1 of 4 teams to finish under the 12min.   this put us into the semi-finals ...

seriously thomas - a fucking high jump ...

i SO wish i had a picture of this!  they actually made me - yes me - attempt a fucking high jump.  i think the bar was set at 4 feet.  i watched all these (WAY) younger girls run up and gracefully flop over with utter dread.   even IF i had ever done one in my life, it would have been 40 years ago!  as jamie called my name, i just shook my head and gave him a look.  'come on kendra, you can do it'   he pleaded.    alright!  i'll try.   i ran up to the bar, gave a huge 'arrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh' and did a swan dive, finishing with a real ugly somersault!  i looked back behind me and to my utter amazement, saw the bar still standing!  i was shocked!  jamie dropped the microphone and couldn't even talk he was laughing so hard.  as i walked back towards thomas, the whole crowd cheered.  it was HYSTERICAL!  i even fumbled out another one at 2 inches higher, but then that was it!  after the third one, i was insanely dizzy, and announced that i was done for the day!   good gawd!

so in the end, me and thomas were 4th out of 19 teams in the B division!  not bad!  and we had a blast!

got me some new ink from shawn over at sakred skinz.

i saw this pic on facebook and thought it would make for a great tattoo!  thanks shawn - i love it!

fed was a little hesitant, but he eventually let us take a pic with his car for the friday night club!

i finally got my ass out on the bike for more than 30 minutes - prolly a good idea considering i have to ride it from toronto to collingwood end of june ...

did an old lady ride on the misfit over to inglewood and my arse was KILLING me !

i think this was from last sunday - my heel has been giving me major grief lately so i tried the hokas to see if they'd help.  haaa!   stoopid looking clown shoes!

i only lasted 90 minutes before i got fed up and called it a day. 

but i guess that's okay - it'll force me to get more time in on the saddle ...