Saturday, May 18, 2013

finally - spring - i think ...

i'm not running much right now - stoopid calcaneal bursitis!  me and the moose have been working on it, but it's taking awhile to get it under control.   soooooooooo,  it's back to the giant ...

partly a good thing i guess, seeing as how i have to ride my bike from downsview to collingwood end of june - drat you michael ovens - and haven't really been putting in much saddle time ...

and so thank gawd i got my 2 1/2 hour ride in on saturday - as we faced THIS shit on sunday!  for fuck sakes!

forget which day this was, but almost drove into the back of a car trying to get THIS pic as i was heading into work the other morning - love kreepy sky sunrises ...

haa!  friday night club!  185lb deadlifts and box jumps!  great workout!  really good group and fed brought his (95lb) puppy! even the beautiful sonia made her 'once a month' appearance! 

wahoo!  finally did some legit rope climbs on saturday!  they were FUN!  made sure to put on the 'munchkin' sox so i wouldn't burn off my tatts ...

LOVE this chick!  and check out her adorable husband photobombing us!  excellent!  hahahaa!

*sigh*  tis the season of full bloom for the cra-bapples!   my favorite tree ...

and finally, not sure what this is all about, but the little redhead is sporting the 'mad scientist' look !


  1. I remember the HAIL well! Luckily I was sitting in my hottub at the time...and it was Sunday afternoon.

    I'm going to have to look up "calcaneal bursitis". It must be bad if it stops you from running, knowing your threshold for pain.

    Toronto to Collingwood? Are you taking the 400?:-)

  2. haa! could you see us taking our bikes up the 400 ?

  3. Well, at the "cottage rush hour" you'd probably be passing everyone:-P