Sunday, November 18, 2012

the stoopid shit we do just for a t-shirt!

um, so, turns out i should have read the rules.   the burpees were to be done by themselves, with no other activity involved.   so i went out and did 1000 fucking burpees, but i DO NOT get the shirt.   i am such an idiot ...

but for your amusement, here's the story ...

and don't try to tell me i'm the only one who does this!  i seem to remember a bunch of misfits back in 2007 paying over $1700 for a shirt that said we rode our bikes for 7 days through the bc rockies.  also not to mention an insane bunch of people who did close to 7000 burpees last spring!

anyways, i was wasting some time on facebook yesterday, and came across this picture below!  the incredible syn martinez of crossfit harlem had a contest which offered this t-shirt as a prize.  the only catch being you had to do 1000 burpees!  

and you had to have a witness.   so i dragged my long lost buddy everhard out for a 'few hours' in the forest!

as you can see, i was really looking forward to this ...

the first one is ALWAYS the worst!

 poor everhard had to do SOMETHING while he was waiting/counting!   and check out his kool movember stache!   very nice!

 so i did 305 here before moving on.   we ran awhile and found another suitable area to hack out a few hundred more!   total after this - 610 ...

 we found a great spot in a farmer's field where i plodded my way up to 980!   and at last, with the old shoulders screaming, we ran to the top of 'murphy's pinnacle' for the grand finale where even everhard did a few !

good gawd i'm getting too old for this shit!

 999 ...

ya!  stoopid burpees!

thanks for your help everhard!  sorry to make you wait so long!

and the proof is in the pudding!  everhard even signed it to make if official!

and so, 4 hours later, with 12k thrown in, i am once again the burpee queen!  can't WAIT to get my shirt!!

  cuz really, it's all about the shirt ...

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  1. Oh my dear lord...there are no words..

    But the photos are pretty funny :)