Thursday, November 1, 2012

happy halloween

so first i visited moose - the good doctor - for an adjustment on the old ankle.   after discovering 'costumes for oversized women' at party magic, he came up with this ...

have never been worked on by an 'italian cougar' before - especially one with gold-flecked eyelashes (which kept getting stuck in his hair).    what a maroon!

then headed over to the 1:30 class at cfb to practice some power snatches.  i honestly thought kat was a bunny ...

haa!  turns out she was a lamb - or should that be a wolf in sheep's clothing ...

then hit richard's office - everybody was dressed up!  hi tess !!

and richard was looking pretty hot all decked out in black!  

of course, there was my favorite junior ghetto girl mickey - awesome vampire cheerleader little girlfriend!

love the blood ...

when i got home, i practiced my 1,2,3's on the new bag courtesy of big jay - head instructor at robinson's karate school bolton!


and finally, did everyone see the sign the mighty one had put up on highway 50 this week ...



  1. HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! Nigel looks sexyyyy!!! and I love that he's "Italian" lol not just a "cougar" but an "Italian Cougar" lmao!!

    And that sign on highway 50!? Omg I could just die from laughter!!! That's our Alex!

  2. haaa! AGREE to everything you said lovely !!!