Sunday, January 16, 2011

'the pink sox people'

ROAD TRIP ! and it was off to frontenac park (north of kingston) saturday, for our first ever snowshoe race, hosted/directed by derrick spafford - fearless leader of spafford health and adventure - and a coach possessing a sense of humor worthy of dealing with me at my best and worst . . .

so me, boots and moose left b'town - after a stop at timmies of course - and made our way to kingston.

the roads weren't too bad until we hit cobourg and then we got stuck behind a snowplow convoy for about 30 minutes. i started whining and moose gave me his i-pod to play on - angry birds i think the game was. hmm, that kept me amused for almost 2 hours! 'simple minds'. we finally got to kingston around 6:30 and booked into our room at the super6 motel - wtf - the walls were pylon orange and there was no carpet on the floor ! moose said that was so they could just power wash it when we left. so strange ! it was very minimalistic, with no dressers, no closets, no coffee maker or boxes of kleenex . . .

after dinner at kelseys and a restless sleep - my hands kept going numb from playing that game so long and i couldn't stop dreaming of angry birds being sling-shot across the screen - we packed up our crap and started the drive to frontenac park. i think moose had most of his possessions with him.

we stopped in sydenham for breakfast - mmm western omelets !

and eventually made it to the park. after finally meeting derrick - i'd only dealt with him over the computer up to this point - and getting boot's new snowshoes - dions of course - we got ourselves over to the start line . . .

ahaha - check it out - the course was marked with pylons . . .

moose didn't quite fit under the start/finish banner . . .

and we're off ! what a beautiful place ! me and boots kept up a steady pace and managed to pass a few people along the way. we came in together and had a great time ! it was so nice ! moose managed an incredible 3rd place finish - waytogo !!

afterwards we went for a little tour of the park . . .

love this shot of me and D at the finish line . . .

the awards were held inside the park office. we all sat by the fireplace and drank hot chocolate - what a great setting! one family with these 4 adorable little girls named us 'the pink sox people' - we were a hit ! here's a shot of moose collecting his prize for 3rd place overall.

in all, it was an amazing weekend. the park/trail was beautiful (i know, i keep saying that) and all the people there were really nice ! thanks D - i had a blast!

and next up - me, captain and boots head to rochester in less than 3 weeks for the 'cast a shadow' snowshoe race. should be awesome !


  1. Love the report! Too funny about the sign, we'll have to find a way to make it a bit higher next year!

    I drive by that motel every day, and will never look at it now without laughing. So strange!!

    Glad you had a chance to see some more of the park post-race. It's pretty in the snow, but you will have to come back and see all the nice blue lakes later!

    Finally.... It was GREAT meeting you briefly!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  2. Great to see the Pink Sox People invade the park! Thanks so much for coming down. You'll definitely have to come back in the summer and let us show you the inner beauty of Frontenac.

    Oh, and sorry about the Motel 6. T'was the closest hotel to the Park.

  3. Oh, and by the way...Frontenac snowshoe rules state that you are supposed to slide head first across the finish line, so next year we lower it. Sorry Moose.

  4. sara - yes! it was great meeting you - albeit very briefly! did derrick tell you i wasn't sure it was you, but took a chance and yelled your name anyway?! christine just laughed, as i am notorious for hugging people at water stations! she gave me major grief on day 2 of the transrockies for stopping to hug a cute guy, and letting the 3rd place team pass us (we were in 2nd at the time.) i guess she's getting used to me! i loved the race and will for sure want to get back up there in the summer. you are so lucky to have that in your backyard.

    derrick - no worries about the motel. it was kind of amusing actually. and i'll pass your message on to moose - although he's kinda used to hitting his head on low lying things . . .
    thanks again - we had an amazing time!!!

  5. MMMmmmmmm, Kelseys....................