Friday, January 14, 2011

so this is what i would look like . . .

if i gained a hundred pounds ! eeeesh ! remind me NEVER to do THAT ! thanks for the picture fed . . .

crossfit thursday night - wallballs and pull-ups for rounds of 50-35-20. this is what my hands looked like BEFORE i started . . .

and after. 'sigh' i must be doing something wrong ! at least they lasted until the 81st pull-up.

as usual, friday night club was a blast! led by adorable adam, i did deadlifts, pushups, kettlebells and barfees with jo.

and check out fedon - not even sure what this is called, but it involved a muscle-up, followed by a handstand, and finished with a pushup ! absolutely incredible !

and tomorrow, me, christine and moose are heading to kingston for the 'dion frontenac park snowshoe race' - put on by ultra runner extraordinaire 'derrick spafford'. should be a blast and i'm really looking forward to it!

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