Thursday, January 13, 2011

easier week

first ever snowshoe race coming up this weekend at frontenac park so i've had an easy few days of training. went out last sunday on the humber with christine and dunc. did a smooth 2 hours and felt good - especially happy after having done 3 and a half the day before.

christine coming up the 'windchime hill' . . .

and dunc . . .

by the lookout on the way back . . .

i was really pleased with the fact that i did 67 power cleans at 95lbs at monday's WOD - 'the chief' - BUT - still managed to bounce a few off the old chest. owwww! stoopid dora !

we got some fresh snow overnight tuesday, so my group of amazing trailees hit the humber with their dions and headlamps on wednesday night. LOVE this pic . . .

and my poor legs were tired today, but i still managed 90min on the humber. trail is saweet right now.

ahaha - the classic 'shadow' shot . . .

on a serious note, i have been really bothered by the death of sgt. ryan russell - the police officer who was run down by a drunken asshole loser yesterday. and i was even more bothered by a couple of things i heard on the radio today. first a dj (or whatever they call themselves) was commenting and laughing about watching some guy who was so drunk he was walking sideways, get into his car and pull away . . . WATCHING - as in he actually let this guy drive !? what the fuck?! and why is that so funny?!!!!! and then i heard this ad for 'ex-coppers' - who claim if you get caught drunk driving, you could lose your licence, or even go to jail, and not to worry, cuz they can get you off . . . WHAT THE FUCK ! maybe these clowns should go and 'tell their stories' to the family of sgt. russell and see how much it amuses or impresses them . . .

i am just sickened by this whole thing.
rest peacefully brave soul


  1. One of those ex-coppers parked next to me at a coffee shop this week and left his car idling while he went inside. In big letters, it said on his car that he could get people off impaired driving charges. I had to restrain myself from yelling at him when he stood beside me in line and I was awfully tempted to put his idling car into gear, then see if he could get himself off any charges that might result. When you've had a family member killed by a drunk driver, it is just obscene to see someone making their living that way.

  2. clarity - dude driving snow plow wasn't drunk...but all points made are right on.

  3. thankyou for the correction anonymous - i guess i shouldn't always believe everything i hear or read - as that was the original assumption.
    and barb - i know how much this hits home with you. thankyou for the comment.

  4. What you said about the dj reminded me of a morning last week, when like every other morning my radio woke me up for work. The dj's were playing a soundclip of a man beating his nephew as they laughed about it. What a horrible way to start my day.