Friday, January 7, 2011

snow's fading . . .

so after 'the beating' on saturday i still managed almost 3 hours on the trail with christine and dunc. and since it had rained most of the day, a lot of our snow had disappeared. lots of ice on the ground so i wore my handy-dandy home-made screw shoes. here's a pic up by the gore.

i'm thinking christine should have made herself a pair! nice wipe-out sister!

i traded my tiara for a bike helmet and got the misfit out on the rail trail for a couple spins - and was able to avoid any casualties that may have been incurred from failing to notice patches of ice. tuesday and thursday i ventured back up k2 and was mostly running on dry ground or really shallow hard-packed snow. again - much to my amazement - i was able to stay upright! here are just a few pics . . .

so we'll see what the weekend brings. coach spaff has me doing back-to-backs of 5+ hours, so hopefully all goes well.

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