Saturday, January 8, 2011

snow's back

great workout for friday night club ! 250 double unders, 125 alternate lunge steps and 125 kettlebell swings using the 24kg bruiser. okay, so it looked easy on paper ! and for the record, i am NOT grabbing jimmy's kettlebells in this picture, so you all can get your minds out of the gutter!

the lovely lia after all those stoopid double unders . . .

sara contemplating lunges - i wanna be as strong as her when i grow up!

and tony going for his 1 rep max front squat - i believe he hit at least 215 !

saturday was long run day. not sure i could use the dions, but i threw them in my pack just in case. we'd had a bit of snow, but i didn't know if there was enough on the trails. turns out there was! after playing dodge the japanese zamboni hiking team on the way up k2 - there had to be at least 20 of them - i stopped at the entrance of glenn haffy to put on my snowshoes. conditions were great ! i made it over to hwy 9 in 1:40 and grabbed a couple of pics . . .

love this spot on centerville creek.

the legs actually felt better the longer i ran. good thing, as they were initially quite cranky as a result of yesterdays' wod when i first set out. and i was a lot faster coming back - wtf - so i had to do a few out-and-backs to get in my time.

and just before i got back to my car, i decided to get a shot by my favorite maple tree - remember the one captain ran into last year?!

oops! set the camera too low . . .

that's better !

anyways, finished up in exactly 3:30 - just what the spaff ordered ! amazing day to be out on the trail !

'life is good'

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