Sunday, January 23, 2011

um, did i mention

i will be staying here in june . . .

another good week! did some running, some snowshoeing, some painful time on the trainer and some crossfit. not sure what possessed me, but i decided to do 100 ghd situps on monday and my freakin abs were sore for 3 days! stoopid dora ! trails are pretty packed down so i've been wearing the homemade cascadia screw shoes. nice shot on the humber from wednesday's hour and a half run . . .

mfs sent me a few pics this week - here's a sweet shot of 'the benster' at his favorite restaurant in the whole wide world - ick-me-donalds !

and for the love of gawd - my very most favorite sister is trying to kill me. i asked her to send me a batch of those amazing peanut butter chocolate chip cookies she gave me at christmas - like a dozen or so. and this is what i got in the mail on wednesday ! the box weighed 10 pounds - I SAID 10 POUNDS !!! needless to say i had the world's biggest sugar hangover on thursday!

thanks mfs - i still love ya more than anything !

friday night club was a blast - not as big as usual - but the spirit was huge! we tried another creative shot - with all of us jumping over barbells. the first one was hilarious . . . 'okay, go on 3' - 'wait, do we go on 1,2,3 or do we go on 1,2,3, go . . .'

so we got luca looking like he has to take a shit, fedon's belly, sara's sox, and lori laughing hysterically as i belt her a good one when i jump and push her over the bar onto her butt ! let's try again . . . 'do we go on 3, or do we go on 'go'?' poor dillon !

i only had to run an hour on saturday, so i figured i'd be okay to do a class. fuck! who makes up these things . . . 30 minutes later, me and lisa have done 100 toes to bar, 100 box jumps and 100 burpees! and lisa almost barfed in the sink! i sheepishly admit that my 'hour long run' after class was pretty slow. sorry spaff . . .

and sunday the radio said it was going to be at least -27 with the windchill. i had initially planned on running from humber station over to hwy 9 and beyond. after hearing the temp, i made the call to run laps in palgrave forest - good for mental training ! i bundled up with 5 layers on top - including my puffy jacket - 3 layers on the bottom, 2 hats and a fleece buff. only took me 15 minutes to get dressed ! argh! i then packed up the mazda and headed over to palgrave. first 2 laps went pretty good and i ended up taking off my mitts. christine showed up almost at the end of the 3rd lap, and stayed with me for 2 more. that was great! made the time go much faster. after she left, i added on another 25minutes for a grand total of 4 hours and 10 minutes!!! only thing kinda cranky was my hips and probably that was from all those stoopid box jumps i did yesterday! what a great day!!!

one happy runner . . .

'life is good'


  1. I think with a week like that you earned those cookies. Hey I just ate half a cake and I only ran 4 plus hours all week!