Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas in kelowna

i just got back from visiting my very most favorite sister (mfs) and my beautiful little red-headed nephew ben. it was so great! the flight out was uneventful - arrived in kelowna just after 8:30 and was met by mfs at the airport. saturday morning i got to watch 'the benster' open his presents. i love the fact that he didn't tear through them - he stopped to play with each one of them.

christmas day we just spent hanging around eating. i think me and bob (dina's husband) found ourselves grazing every 20 minutes or so. good grief! boxing day had me feeling like a stuffed turkey, so i waddled myself out onto the 'mission creek greenway' trail for an hour+. what a gorgeous place to run - i must have stopped every 10min or so just to check out the scenery. after that i didn't feel so bad as i indulged in several of the many types of homemade cookies my sister offered . . .

and really, the whole visit was perfect. i got to spend time with my sister and i got to know 'the benster' a little better. i wasn't very good about taking pics, but here are a few . . .

check out the 'chicken' at the top of mfs's tree !!!

bob putting together the workbench at 8 in the morning . . .

alright - who got the kid punching gloves . . .

the bat cave was a big hit !

i love this picture . . .

it really was the best christmas i've had in a long long time. i'm already making plans to get back out there this summer.

thanks mfs - i love you !


  1. What a little doll that boy is!
    But what really got my attention was that beautiful picture of all of the home-baked goodies!!

  2. isn't he beautiful ?!!! as for the baked goodies - egad ! i was in a diabetic coma for 4 days . . .