Saturday, December 11, 2010

finally, a picture in the tire . . .

friday night club and we all did 'jackie'. it's not what you think - stoopid digger! 1000m row, 50 thrusters (okay, i can see why you might think the wrong thing) and 30 pull-ups - fuck i'm sorry i ever learned how to do these things! THEY SUCK and i keep steve'ing my poor hands! the shot below is one of me rowing, but not from last night. kool pic though.

poor luca was in a bit of a grump but cheered up when i told him that he 'did' jackie the quickest! and finally, i was able to convince father jimmie and the mighty alex to haul out the 540lb tire so we could get our pic taken in it! love this shot!

on saturday, me and homey had made plans to meet on humber station to go for a '3 hour tour' of the bruce trail. i was just about to leave when the phone rang. it was homey. 'dora, i'll be a few minutes late, i have to take the dog out for a shit.' alrightee then. we did get going finally just after 11:30 and the temp was perfect for shorts. we came across our friends, the asian hikers, a few times along the way and finally had the trail to ourselves once we crossed into glenn haffy. here's a beauty shot just before the first switchback north of 9.

the plan for the day was a 3:15 run, so we decided to turn around at 1:37. we were hoping to reach this BEFORE the second switchback, but that was not to be. argh! oh well, we were better men for doing it and here's a good shot from the top.

the legs held out pretty good right up until the 'last block' from the gore over to our cars. at this point my butt was screaming and my hammies were about 2 seconds away from cramping! oww! but we made it - WOOHOO!

great day and super fun run. ended up with 3:10, cuz for some reason we were 4 minutes faster coming back. must be true what robbie says about it being all downhill.

thanks homey - loved running with you again!

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