Tuesday, December 21, 2010

more snow

wednesday was spectacular on the humber. threw on the dions and ran for almost an hour. i think i was smiling the whole way.

thursday was another attempt at 'speed work' - ahhh, coach spaff has such faith that i will eventually get faster. regardless, it was a little dicey trying to pick up the pace on a snowy, slushy, somewhat hilly section of duffy's lane, but i did my best. couple of gorgeous shots taken in palgrave forest on the way back.

friday night club was all about deadlifts and thrusters. here's a shot of the incredible, (and adorable) kane maxing out his back squat at 400lbs !!!!! good grief!!! check out the bend in the bar . . .

and this photo was at the suggestion of fedon - a piece of artistic mastery.

saturday after crossfit, me, elora and the glp did a good hour on the humber. trail conditions were perfect, and elora only wiped out once !

sunday was another story. the instructions from coach spaff were as follows:

3:45 ~ Longest run in a long, long time. Enjoy it. As long as your foot is okay in the snowshoes, I'd like to see you get as much of this run in as possible on snowshoes. Find a good hilly route and focus on running at a comfortable enough pace that you'll be able to hold it for the entire run. Be sure to take a pack with you and if you want to mix it up and do part of the run on snowshoes and carry them in the pack for part, that is fine.

'what could go wrong?' so after ghetto gym finished up, i procrastinated a bit and finally packed my stuff up for a 'long winter's run'. i threw the dions in my salomon pack, along with some cooked sweet potatoes, chopped apples and a couple bottles of coconut water. i also threw my gators and an extra pair of sox - not thinking i'd need either after the excellent trail conditions on saturday. i drove over to humber station and initially figured i could run a couple sections without the dions - not so ! NOBODY had been out before me, and i found myself running in at least 6" of fresh pow. quick! throw on the dions ! okay, better, and i'm sure there's bound to be tracks the next section over. got to the gore, and again, NOBODY ! argh! AND it sure didn't help that there were tons of heavy, snow-laden branches hanging over the trail.

well, i'm positive there will have been someone leading up k2. ARGH! where the hell is everybody!? where the hell is the japanese zamboni crew?? they're always out here! i made it to cooli's in an hour and was dead! crap, and i still had almost 3 more to go! BUT WAIT - there are tracks leading down into glenn haffy - yippee - NO WAIT - these idiots were not walking single file - they're walking side-by-side - i'm going to scream!! and now my right foot is numb - i can't feel my fucking toes - so change your sox stoopid and put those gators on. fat lot of good they're doing you sitting in your pack! okay, calm down! it's a beautiful day and just keep reminding yourself that a couple of months ago you couldn't run at all because you dropped a barbell on your toe and broke it ! soooooooo, i didn't quite make it to hwy 9 before i got to turn around. the way home seemed a little smoother, but boy was i getting tired. i wiped out a few times but eventually made my way back to the little red mazda, whereupon i fell in the snowbank and just lay there for a few minutes.

running time was 3:46 and it almost killed me. but like the captain's said to me many times before, 'dora, what would you rather be doing . . .'

so true cap, so true!


  1. Gators? Seriously?

    Hey, I just got back from curling!

  2. haha! i believe you and the beaver call them 'debris sox' . . .
    stoopid digger drinking too much beer at curling!

  3. ahahaha! turns out 'these idiots' were none other than the glp and marina. sorry ladies!

  4. Baa-ha! Ooooh, Dora. Love the new puffy jacket. Packable sweetness. Merry Christmas to you! Have fun with the family.

  5. agreed - LOVE the new puffy jacket as well! big hugs and jolly ho ho's to you and my favorite husband!!