Saturday, December 4, 2010

3 more weeks

and i'll be in kelowna - spending Q'time with this adorable little redhead !

i received an email last week from a former client - LOVE getting stuff like this. when i first met pat, she was one of my 'spinners'. i used to give her a hard time for yawning everytime she got on a bike in one of my classes. she ended up hiring me on as a trainer and that lead to a lot of good times - and hard work. at first, she'd show up in assorted 'beer' t-shirts and baggy sweats. she even smoked! she and her (now) husband craig would quit drinking, and she would quit smoking, for the month of january. i guess i kinda wore off on her after awhile, as she totally gave up that nasty habit, and started teaching spin and fitness classes, and she became a personal trainer. AND, she started 'jogging'. anyways, i just want to pass on this email, as i absolutely love when i can motivate people . . .

"So there I was last night, on the King Side road running towards the town line, jogging in the dark, (on my own, as Craig refuses to run this route in the dark) dodging puddles, potholes, traffic and whom knows what I did not see (dog poop and dead animals is what I imagine), wearing my head lamp, thinking WHAT AM I DOING OUT HERE - and one word came into my head - Kendra!! Then my head lamp came away from elastic, I stopped cursing you, then I stumbled a little grabbing everything , and fortunately came out unscathed able to finish the rest of my run- All I can say is - THANKS A LOT :-)"

friday night club was the best! me, lia and sara did the 'squat ladder' - owww! made 25 complete rounds +21 for a total of 346 with the 45lb barbell. good gawd i felt that the whole weekend! here's a great shot of 'house of pain' - the club's resident expert on everything . . .

and our traditional post workout photo . . .

4 of us hit the palgrave/bruce trail on saturday. even managed to get moose to join us! went from humber station, up k2, and up and up the dingle. little bit of snow on the ground and the temp was pretty good.

moose kept bugging me about my 'munchkin' sox - ha - they'll look great in rochester/michegan when we do the snowshoe race in february with the captain!

so, another fab day out on the trails - and it just wouldn't have been complete without a round of coffee and snacks in palgrave!

thanks guys! that was fun!!!

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