Friday, December 3, 2010

not enough to snowshoe yet . . .

got this pic from my very most favorite sister in kelowna this week - enough snow to pull the little guy on a sled ! hopefully there will be lots when i got out there for christmas - taking the shoes - a pair for both of us!!!!

i will forgive my friend cubby for running on the road on saturday - but just cuz he's cute !

had another fab run on sunday. started at h'station and ran over to hwy 9. this is the big apple tree by the gore.

and the further north i got, the more snow there was. this is in glenn haffy.

BUT, not enough for the dions - unfortunately . . .

so i put in a solid 2:45 and the legs felt goooooooooood ! damn it's great to be running again!

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