Saturday, November 27, 2010

let's do it

so i'm not sure what possessed me, but i decided to go buy a real bra the other day. i mean, for the most part, i'm very satisfied with my 'walmart - 3 for $20 - sport cheapies. so i asked my friend sarah, who is quite endowed in the 'hooter department' and, whose fancy frillies i see hanging up on the poor rack in the gym occasionally, where she suggests i go. i mean, i once tried the 'la senza' thing with the glp and was totally overwhelmed. now SHE's a pro! before i even made it into the store, she had 3 shiny little shopping bags full of underpants! good grief! as for me, it was sensory overload ! there were panties of every size, shape and color you could imagine. i walked out without buying a thing and ultimately decided it was easier to just go commando. but i digress . . . miss sarah recommended this place over in kleinburg where the owner will actually help fit you! PERFECT ! i walked in the door, sporting my usual homeless person's attire, and 'dropped' sarah's name. now this lady, patty, was great! she asked what i wanted and then had a good laugh when i said 'something that lifted the girls up off my belly, but didn't make them stick straight out.' she measured me up and handed me a few to try on. i also told her my other requirement was comfort - i didn't want to feel the need to rip it off after 20 minutes. i strapped on the first one and looked at her for her opinion, to which she replied, 'wow, it sure makes you look taller.' hahaha! ohmygawd! hilarious! and true! with the girls up where they should be, my waist appeared at least 4" longer ! we went through about a dozen of them before settling on a couple that were very comfortable, and that didn't make me feel like the girls were sticking up so high that they were the first things people noticed! and so off i went, successful in my endeavor, with my own 'shiny little shopping bag' and the good intentions of actually wearing this thing . . .

friday night club was great as always. me and the beautiful lia went for our 1 rep max front squat. she's this little teenie thing and she managed 130lbs! holy crap! i got to 145lb before dropping it. had to get a shot including her before we left for 'sushi fest', as she wasn't able to go.

the lovely sonia had arranged for us to go to an 'all you can eat' sushi restaurant after class. i hadn't actually been to one of these places before, so i just let everybody else order for me. it was kinda fun, and the table was full of plates of strange looking rolled-up things, and pink slabs of fish, and orange crunchy things wrapped up in seaweed . . . i had no idea what i was eating, but it was a great night out regardless.

got up saturday morning feeling kinda puffy - must have been a bit of sodium in all that sushi. i had a couple of clients first thing, and then made my way to the gym for a session with adam - who was looking a little green. apparently, when i left the group last night, they were heading over to the bowling alley, with a bottle of tequilla. yikes! anyways, we did an AMRAP - as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes, of 5 burpees (blahh), 10 jumping squats and 15 kettle bell swings. AMRAPs suck, cuz you bust your balls for the designated time and get no rest! there was no competing with the youngsters today - elora and marsala kicked my ass! afterwards, we went for a run on the humber. a bit of snow had fallen, which made the trail nice and greasy. marsala won for most wipe-outs - 4 including a nice yard sale in the swamp by the windchimes!

it was great! and you could usually tell where elora was by her shrieks on the downhills! everybody did amazing and it was super to have some crossfitters out on the trail with me! here's marsala, me, elora and tony . . .

and tomorrow, i get to run for almost 3 hours ! can't wait ! thanks spaff !


  1. Speechless. Not sure if I can access this at work, we have a "no porn" policy.I could get fired.

  2. I haven't had a look at this blog in a while, thought I'd catch up today, come to find out I've been missing out on pictures of you in your bra!!

    Great to see the crew out to sushi! Wish I could have been there!

    When its not too cold out I want to come running with you guys!


  3. Okay, just when I thought you couldn't get any go and post provocative pics of yourself! Me likey! ;)

    Thanks for the sweet comment about organizing the dinner! Glad to have initiated "Operation: Kendra Loses Sushi Virginity!"

    Sonia :)

  4. you two ladies are incredible! i totally admire your strength and beauty - gives me something to work towards.