Tuesday, November 2, 2010

first flurries

so sunday i was lazy. i slept in until almost 8 - that's late for me - got up and drove into town for a coffee. finally got around to calling christine around noon to see if she felt like running. she too had been procrastinating big time and hadn't been out either. we met an hour later and headed onto the humber. because it was still october, pylon rules state we had to be in shorts. and being a little wary of hunters, christine donned her fancy 'i'm not going to get shot' fluorescent pylon toque - um, pylon rules don't allow toques until december, but at least she had the shorts on.

as for me, i was looking to get shot - could i have blended in any better . . .

and yes! it was snowing like a bastard! big puffy flakes that almost stuck to the ground! anyways, we had a pretty good run - putting in 90 minutes - longest run since i broke the toe. nowhere near what i'd need to get through ohio though - gonna have to stay home this time. sorry guys!

and today was just brilliant. did some intervals on the dreaded elliptical - boo - hiss - blahh - and then did a short run through palgrave. after a big hunk of baked salmon and some raspberries, me and miss lilian sat down to enjoy the sunshine high up in the treehouse.

this weather rocks !


  1. Do pylon rules permit toqueage if one has a shaved head before December??

  2. good question - all of the pylons have at least a bit of hair, so i don't think this issue has ever been considered before. i'll have to ask the captain.