Saturday, November 6, 2010

i should not be allowed on a bike . . .

first of all, check out the latest pics of my little red-headed nephew ben. did i mention i'll be heading out to kelowna to see him and my very most favorite sister for christmas this year!!! can't wait ! mfs is the 'christmas queen' and has already started planning the cookies ! oh, and you can see where he gets his good looks from . . .

put in a few more miles on the trail this week and the poor old toe seems to be holding up! not enough to go to ohio unfortunately, despite pleadings from the other pylons. had to send them out on their own into the great world beyond ! good luck guys! it's killin me not to go !

weather was chilly on friday, but still managed to run on the humber in shorts with christine. going to see how long i can hold out before donning the dreaded tights.

friday night club was well attended. me and sarah did power clean & jerks, while the rest of the guys did assorted lifts, squats and pullups.

and check out fedon - he has the best t-shirts AND I LOVE THIS HAT . . .

saturday started out great. went up to the gym to train little miss elizabeth. then over to the glp's for another session. after that, to crossfit where dillon had us practice our cleans and then do a bunch of wallballs and situps. i considered it a good class, especially since i managed to use the bar and NOT drop it on my foot ! once back at the treehouse, me and christine arranged to meet at albion for my scheduled 2 hours of biking. after just 15 minutes, i begged her to go ahead, as i could see it was killing her to try and ride as slow as me!!! i was fine for awhile, putzing around on the double track. then i foolishly decided to try a section of single track . . .

owwwww! stoopid mountain biking! where did that root come from and how did i manage to compress my ribs on it ??? i slowly got up and started WALKING out of the single track when christine came up behind me. 'whatcha doin?' OH FOR GAWD SAKES - what did you do to your leg?'

my leg . . . ACK !! i hadn't notice that - i was more concerned with my ribs ! FUCK ! "oh grammaw, maybe you should just go home and get on the trainer".

probably a good suggestion, but i finished off my time - slowly - and made my way back home. leg doesn't hurt too bad, and the throbbing ribs have subsided. i bet spaff is sorry he ever agreed to try and train me! and for tomorrow - i get to run for 1:40 - no more - i had to promise . . .


  1. Is this is the same woman who conquered the TransRockies Bike race a few years back? Here's a new mantra for you: "Ride like the Red-Head!" maybe you'll stay upright if you channel the 3 year old.

  2. Information = Leslie@work.
    Hmmm. Back to work.

  3. maybe i'll stay upright if i borrow his training wheels . . .

  4. what an adorable little boy!