Thursday, November 25, 2010

1 month to christmas

oh boy, i've been bad at posting. nothing for almost 2 weeks. although it's probably not a big deal, as i think trailman's the only one who reads it . . .

here are a couple of pics from the old lady ride me and christine did on the rail trail a couple of sundays ago. made it to tottenham for coffee and snacks - naturally !

the week of november 15th saw my running hit almost 39 miles. doesn't sound like a lot, but it's the most it's been since my impromptu trip to colorado with les in august - and the unscheduled breakage of the wedding ring toe. AND no more fucking elliptical (sorry spaff).

good turnout once again for friday night club . . .

and saturday, what can i say. grabbed the new salomon pack and drove to the 7th line with the intention of running over to the 5th - another big test of the toe. just past airport road i met up with a couple of hikers, who, in their own words, were hopelessly lost ! doh! turns out it was their little blue mazda i had spotted by the tai chi center, and therefore, was able to point them in the right direction - 4km back. they were under the impression that the bruce trail 'circled around'. i informed them, that had they kept going, they would have ended up in tobermorey ! doh!
anyways, made it to the 5th AND managed all the steps behind the ski hill on the way back! yes! i've only done that once before! thankyou crossfit ! finished strong and put in 2:15 !

sunday i wasn't sure how the legs would feel, but i decided to do crossfit regardless. the good news was that evil jimmie was leading the class. the bad news was that he made us do 20 rounds of 5 deadlifts and 5 burpees, each minute on the minute. OH GREAT - that'll really ease me into my intended 90 minute run ! stoopid dora !

but hay, once i got out there and started running, i felt amazing! the 90 minutes flew by, and it was the best run i can remember in MONTHS ! sweet georgia brown - life is good !!


  1. Hay, I read your stoopid blog too. Good to hear you're running long again. We may have to do more hills.

  2. Wrong Dora. Bodi and I read every word!! :-)
    and love it. Don't stop xxxx

  3. okay father hen! just for you and your beautiful wife.