Friday, December 24, 2010

not again . . .

so i leave for kelowna to see my very most favorite sister in about an hour and a half. and what am i doing instead of packing (cuz most of you know i haven't even started that) - i'm blogging! naturally!

thursday was a hilly snowshoe run day. did a couple of hours up k2 and through glenn haffy. still not a lot of tracks ahead of me and the snow just south of 9 was pretty deep! very beautiful though (the woods, not me!)

no friday night club this week due to the holiday, but the gym was pretty packed thursday and a bunch of us made plans for the upcoming 'winter crossfit games' put on up in collingwood early march!!! details to follow!

friday me and christine did our annual 'christmas eve' run - a relaxed-pace hour+ on the humber. and then followed by our annual 'trip to timmies'.

here's a pic of our lovely server . . .

mmmm - chili

AND - my dions now have big sisters!!! after winning 'caledon snowshoe salesman of the year', cuz i've ordered 17 pairs so far, coach spaff sent me a set of frames for stomping through deep pow! how fucking sweet is that!?

i've received some interesting gifts from clients this year. love the chicken calendar and the 'dora' ornament, and am pretty sure i'll be in a diabetic coma from the truffles, but what the hell do i do with the underwear . . .

and as for this one, well, i'll leave you all guessing . . . but thanks mark - awesome gift . . .

okay, so it's now 2:30 and i have just over an hour to pack, shower, shave my legs and possibly get distracted at least 6 more times before the moose picks me up. have a merry christmas everybody!!! i'll be working at gaining 5 pounds at my sisters !!!

wahoooo !

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