Sunday, March 28, 2010

running and crossfit

put in a few miles this week - half of them on the humber valley. took alex - crossfit instructor superstar - out on wednesday. still can't believe how well he hauled those beauty quads up the hills. managed over 9km - wow!

did 4 crossfit sessions - absolutely lovin my latest obsession! and whoda thought i could jump 20" ???!! still can't get over that one!

saturday i ran the bruce from cooli's over to the tai chi center with vents and onions. forgot my camera, but will confirm that vents was in shorts! and it's not even april 1st yet. homey made an appearance - first in a long time coming off an injury - and did about an hour. temp wasn't too bad, and finished off the day with a 2 hour misfit ride on the rail trail.

sunday my awesome buddies dave and tone finally made it up for a run - only took them 10 years! we were joined by speed demon geoff peat from king city and christine. i think the last time i saw geoff was at cabot trail in 2oo1 ! christine ran with us over to duffy's before turning back.

the rest of us kept going almost over to castlederg.

what a great day! finished off with a hike in palgrave with trailman. so sad to see the end of the weekends.

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