Thursday, March 11, 2010

wayne warned me . . .

did some sweet trail runs on tuesday and wednesday, even bumped the time up to 1:40, but unfortunately my poor feet paid for it last night. they were good and numb, and were tingling up a storm by the time i got into bed. felt better this morning though. so, seeing as how the powers that be are calling for rain this weekend, i decided to take advantage of the sun and get another ride in on the misfit. now because of the 'above-mentioned' foot problems, i had my awesome buddy wayne change my candies for platforms. this way i could wear my trail shoes, and give my bones some cushioning. 'be careful,' he warned ! 'if you slip off those puppies, your shins will be ground beef.' 'oh sure wayne, but i'll be fine, i'm an experienced rider.' what could go wrong???!!!
check out a minor 'slip-spin-wack' from flipping off the pedals on the rail trail.

FUUUUUUUUUUUCK ! did that ever hurt!

despite the punctures and forthcoming contusions, i kept going and had a great ride. oh, and thanks wayne for not saying 'i told you so'.


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