Monday, March 15, 2010

'cindy' and hilton falls

what an exhausting weekend! saturday i got up early and ran for an hour forty on the bruce. headed north of 9 and did my 2 favorite switchbacks. slow but steady. finished up just as it started to rain. in the afternoon i had arranged a session with alex at crossfit bolton.

i got there at 2:00 and after chatting for a bit, he gave me my workout of the day (WOD) which was 'cindy'. this consisted of 5 pullups (alex gave me a box to jump from, cuz i couldn't even do one), 10 pushups, and 15 squats - for as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. once i got going, he was amused at how i managed to get faster with each round. i explained that was my endurance training, and that it usually takes me an hour to get warmed up when i run. after almost collapsing my triceps a few times on the pushups, and speed-squatting the last 15 to get in 20 rounds, i was done! crap! that was awesome! i was sweating like mad and my whole body was shaking. i'm definitely trying more of these. and it was great having someone tell me what to do for a change!
did i mention that alex looks like he could pull a bus by himself . . .

sunday was a run with the pylons in hilton falls - i drove over with onions, and we met up with the captain, digger and cy, and after a few more directions, ultimately robbie found us. i knew we were in trouble when the first 20 yards of the trail was under 6" of water. conditions were varied, from snow to mud to ice, throw in a few river and stream crossings, and not forgetting the general technical terrain of that area - rocks, lots of rocks! and man was that water cold!!!

a few lacerations and abrasions were incurred, but overall we survived. i was crazy tired of trying to navigate rocks and stuff by the end, so was doing some walking - and some bitching! robbie probably got big grief from connie as he was supposed to be in hamilton by noon - i believe he got back to the cars by 1:00. DOH! total running time for me was 5 hours. my feet probably would have been sore, but they were pretty numb from all the water crossings! onions was craving grease, so we hit a harveys on the way home.

and today, i am so stiff i can barely move. it hurts to lift my arms, and my legs are cranky. but like the captain said in an email to me last night, 'dora, is there anything else you'd rather be doing this morning, than running thru ice water with your buddies?' 'dead tired, freezing, soaking wet, it does not get any better.'

i couldn't agree more! thanks cap!

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