Monday, March 1, 2010

weekends aren't long enough

so let's see, saturday christine and i had planned a run/hike on the snowshoes. well the snow was deeper than we thought, and she was a little hungover, so we did a bit more walking than running. not to worry!

as you can see from the pics, it was pretty blustery when we first started out.

i had been emailing georgie in dallas before we left, and told him we'd take a couple pics of the two of us. after tossing out the idea of snow angels - it's been done - we opted for a 'snow georgie'. and so after rolling things around for 15 minutes, we ended up with a pretty good replica!!

smile georgie!!

saturday afternoon, i went over to richard and barbs', with my cowbell and canadian toque, to watch the olympics on their monster-screen tv. jan and neil joined us, with their 3 dogs - and, when added to the 2 resident dogs, made for A LOT OF DOGS!! here's a pic of me and richard trying to get a glimpse of the tv around 2 of them! thanks for inviting me over guys - that was awesome!
note: the dog under richard weighs 110lbs!

after a few hours of sitting on my arse, i left and met up with lexi-girl. we ended up stomping around palgrave forest for over 2 hours on the snowshoes and didn't even need the headlamps once the full moon came up. what a sweet night, and we only got lost once!

sunday, me and vents did an hour-fifteen on the bruce. without snowshoes! wasn't too bad, as we were able to follow the tracks from the day before. another wicked workout!

and then finally, went back over to richard and barbs' to watch the hockey game. nnnnnnnice! big thanks to both of you for letting me hang out in front of your tv all weekend. AND for the yummy dinner and dessert that followed!

woo hoo! yay canada!!

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