Saturday, March 20, 2010

an afternoon with my dad

it was 7 years ago today that my dad died. man, i still miss him. it was 2003 and i was training for my first real crazy adventure - the canadian death race in alberta. i remember arranging with my friends to meet at main street in bolton so we could toast him. i was overwhelmed at how many people showed up - so much so, that i didn't know what to say. luckily my good friend the booton stepped in and said a few words. thanks b. and so today, i decided to do something special. i headed over to hockley - one of my favorite places to run - with a can of guinness - my dad's favorite beer - in my pack.

the temp was a little chilly, and there were even some flurries. however, the robins were out!
as usual, hockley was awesome! i ran into a few hikers, but for the most part i was on my own. after about 2 hours, i found a spot and pulled out the guinness. crap - i probably shouldn't have run that far with it bouncing around in my pack! nice foam!

so i played a song on my ipod that always makes me think of dad - love thy will be done, by martika - and had a few sips of the guinness.

and as most of you know, i don't drink and a couple of sips is about all i can handle. i poured the rest on the middle of the trail, threw the empty in my pack and made my way back to my car.

i love you dad. hope you enjoyed 'our run'.


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  1. I'm sure your Dad enjoyed the run. And he's got great taste in beer!