Tuesday, March 2, 2010

frozen turkey legs

thought i'd try out k2 and the dingle today. the thermometer read over zero, so pylon constitution recommends shorts. no worries, it felt pretty warm out. not sure what condition the trail was in, so i loaded up a bunch of stuff - the dions, gators, tights, blah blah blah. when i got to centreville creek, i could see that nobody had been on the trail. cool - i can wear my snowshoes. it looked pretty deep, and i briefly considered putting on tights or gators, but was too lazy. what could go wrong?! the first short section kicked up a ton of snow, and the back of my legs got covered. fortunately, once i hit the bottom of the climb, someone else had been through, and it was stomped down fairly well. i managed to run the whole way up - about 12 minutes - without having to stop for extra oxygen! the dingle wasn't as clear, but still not bad. again, i was able to run all the hills - woo hoo! it wasn't until i started coming back down k2 that i noticed my feet were pretty cold. i stopped at the bench, took off my shoes and tried to rub some feeling back into my poor old toes. not working - fuck it - just run down real fast and change sox at the car. no problem! owwwwwwwww! by the time i got back and put dry sox on, my toes were on fire! i cranked the heat and was rubbing my left foot as i was driving home. it managed to thaw out by the time i got back to the treehouse, but the right foot took a bit longer! man that was painful! and it was at this point that i noticed the back of my legs - nice! they were all red and splotchy, and i suddenly remembered wacking my calves a few times with the dions on the downhills, obvious from the big red slashes. not sure if you can see it from the pics, but it was pretty funny!

despite the minor casualties, it was an awesome run, and my legs felt great! spring is coming baby!

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