Friday, March 19, 2010


the temperature was above 20, and not wanting to waste the day, i took the misfit on the rail trail over to inglewood. i made it to caledon hills cycling to see my buddy don and fill up on water. i'm really liking this bike shop!!!!

while there, i noticed they had trekking poles - my 'super star' friend paula had asked me to find her a pair. saweeeeet! 'put 'em in a bag'. oh wait, i didn't bring my backpack. no worries - mike was able to strap them to my bike, with only a small chance that i might impale myself. he also said there was such a thing as a holder for my pump when he noticed mine was just duct-taped on. doh!

anyways, thanks guys! i made it home in one piece - and didn't get a flat !! in all, i was out for 2 and a half hours.

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