Thursday, September 22, 2011

the trail was calling . . .

oh ya! dusted off the cascadias and hit the humber valley trail this morning! BIG SIGH! feet were a little stiff at first, but slowly they remembered what to do. perfect temp and the sun was just starting to creep through the trees.

weather wasn't so perfect wednesday night, so we had trail group at the treehouse. ghetto is getting very well equipped - with special thanks to my beloved dunc and of course, the mighty alex at crossfit bolton !

holy ring push-ups shar - that's fucking amazing!!!

andrea is soooo jacked !

anna's moving so fast we couldn't focus the camera . . .

show off !

a well-deserved break - you ladies are amazing !!!

and remember - smash-up derby on friday with the guys!


  1. love the pic on the stairs.

  2. it was so kool this morning - there was mist coming off of the top steps where the sun hit them!