Saturday, September 17, 2011

another birthday . . .

didn't i just have one . . .

the good news about this one, is that i didn't drop anything on my toe!

the GREAT news is that i ran a hundred miles and got this really kool belt buckle . . .

AND this really kool cake created by andreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

monday at ghetto, the girls surprised me with ANOTHER cake!

and i even got some chocolate in the mail - thanks cap !!!

so with all this sugar surrounding me, it was definitely time to get back to crossfit. the legs have recovered pretty quick - much to my delight - and i was actually able to pull off 60 box jumps on thursday! and then friday, we did 90 squat cleans! wahoo! crossfit fucking rocks!!

and to end the week, my crossfit buddies surprised me by offering to take me out after class to celebrate my 'oldness' ! check out thomas in a sea of beautiful and strong ladies! lucky guy!

thanks everybody! again, i am soooo lucky to have such amazing friends!!! thanks for making my life kool . . .


  1. Happy Birthday,Dora! That Dora/Pylon cake looks amazing.

  2. road trip for boots to match the buckle! Andreaaaaa......

  3. thanks digger! andrea is amazing!

    road trip! andreaaaaaaaaa