Thursday, September 1, 2011

east coast trail - fort amherst to cape spear

sunday was another gorgeous day! tone was doing a 5k road race, so we decided he could just drop me off at one end of the trail, and i'd run for 4 hours or until we met up again. he let me off at the deadmans bay path at fort amherst, waved good-bye, and headed over to his race!

wahoo! lookout east coast trail - dora the explorer is about to run . . .

man - what a beautiful trail. words can't really describe it, so i'll just throw in some pictures.

it seemed every time you'd pop out of the forest, you'd come across a view like this!

or this . . .

i eventually caught up with tone at cape spear. we decided we'd had enough for the day and headed back to his place. later that night we walked back into town to the yellow belly brewery for a burger and some sweet potato fries! did i mention that he made me walk EVERYWHERE!

i still can't get over how incredible the trail was, and ended up spending 4 hours on it - by myself - and loving every second of it!!



  1. Wondering who Tone is and why he can make you do things? Take care out there alone on the trails. Looks like you are having a great adventure.

  2. tone is one of my kindred running spirits. we got to know each other really well in 2003 when we ran the death race together. and he can make me do stuff, cuz he promises me chocolate once we get back home!

  3. No wonder you were sad-faced at returning home.
    Hope Tony treated you well, miss him.

  4. like the princess that i am bodi ! hehe! i miss him already!

  5. the pictures are breathless! I wonder if Tony would have the patience to do this trail with me, although i'm sure i'd take longer than 4 hours and there better be a HUGE mound of chocolate at the end waiting for me!!! Hugs...Jenny...

  6. of course he'd wait for you! he'd be afraid not to! and i believe there was at least $40 worth of chocolate almond bark in the fridge when i got back . . .