Saturday, September 3, 2011

east coast trail - lamanche

i was feeling kinda fat tuesday morning from all the bread and chocolate i'd been eating, so i decided to do a crossfit workout. i figured i'd do 10 rounds of 10 push-ups and 20 sit-ups. tone could count rounds while reading his book. when i got to number 10, tone suggested i keep going a few more, cuz he still had a few pages left to read! haha! ended up doing 15!

we then decided we'd head over to the lamanche section of the trail and do just a bit of hiking, and maybe go for a swim.


the trail was so spectacular that we just kinda just kept saying we'd turn around in 5 more minutes.

after almost 2 hours, we made up our minds to turn around at the next 'ohhhh, ahhhh' - and this was it . . .

tone had a great laugh at me trying to do push-ups on the stairs, and even more so after i got stuck trying to get back up!!

LOVE this shot!

and of course, the trip wouldn't be complete without me doing some nakid swimmin! it was especially amusing to see the guy get yelled at by his wife for taking a pic of me with his zoom lens !! haha! loser !

and a final shot of me and tone coming back over the suspension bridge - did i mention how much i dislike suspension bridges . . .

on the way back, we stopped at this little coffee shop by the water and treated ourselves to a couple pieces of cheesecake! mmmmm! and mercifully tone didn't make me walk anywhere that night!

i totally forgot to mention that tone WON that 5k he ran on sunday! wicked!! FIRST PLACE overall!

and so, another dora the explorer adventure comes to a close - big sad face! i had so much fun and saw some incredible sections of trail. it sure helped to fix my poor broken little soul. i'm definitely going back there! and special thanks to my beloved friend who made it so amazing!

love ya tone!

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