Tuesday, September 20, 2011

congrats jonathan !!

first of all - huge congrats to my amazing client, and ultimate simpsons fan, jonathan petrie, who plays goal for the caledon hawks! jonathan has been working really really hard with me the past few months, and it was great to see him make the team. OUTSTANDING !!!!!

check out the email from his dad . . .

Here's a present from one of your proud students. He played in the finals, the team won 6 games in total to win the championship this weekend. He played awesome and was strong to the finish, only allowed 4 goals in 3 games.....thanks for all your help.

saturday i got on the misfit and rode over to terra cotta and back for an easy 3+ hours. kool! never knew there was a sign . . .

in the afternoon, i helped andreaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and vito stack firewood! AND got a free meal out of it! nice! thanks guys!!

sunday, after a fucking nasty crossfit class with the beautiful elora - she made us do clean & jerks, and because that wasn't evil enough, 90 pull-ups AND 90 ring dips - i headed over to hockley on the giant. another beauty day for sure and put in just under 3 hours! love the goldenrod!

finally managed to get a fork off of misfit pete - no hoodie yet - and was lucky enough to get dunc to put it on. (like i'd have a clue how to do it . . .) doesn't she look sweet !?

today i went hiking on the humber with miss liz'bet, and we came upon a bunch of little turtles that must have just hatched. i was carefully trying to move them off the trail so they wouldn't get stomped!

then, took my newly 'forked' misfit out on the rail trail. why the HELL did i not put a fork on her from the start??!! probably because that stoopid pete keiller told me i didn't need one - even though i hear his bike has been sporting one for some time now! asshole! anyway, great day despite almost running over a snake!

and finally - got a set of racks for ghetto! big thanks to the mighty alex - you're the best!!!!

wait, one more thing - planning on heading to the smash-up derby friday with fed, luca and lisa! should be a blast!!!

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