Wednesday, January 4, 2012

seasons beatings 2012

only a crazy person could make up something so insanely evil - yes alex - i'm talking about you!

i had been anxiously awaiting this for weeks - the 2012 version of 'seasons beatings' - diabolically engineered by the mighty alex. a workout unlike any other - consisting of 2012 reps of assorted crossfit exercises thrown together to break even the strongest. only 8 members were brave enough to show up (and 2 of them were newbies who had NO idea what was going on!) i had already enlisted the strong and beautiful lisa as my partner, knowing i would need help with the 'heavy lifting'.

and so, drum roll - this was what we saw when we entered the box that fateful january 1st, with father jimmy to lead the way. . .

i vaguely recall jennifer - one of the newbies - mutter, 'are you fucking kidding me??' ahahaha!

first up for me and lisa - 100 power snatches - argh! we traded them off, 5 each, and plowed our way through them!!

next up, wall balls (75 each), ring dips (25 each), double unders (100 each) and pull-ups (75 each). here's lisa's awesome husband jay doing his, while partner todd takes a breather.

and then, cuz he felt like being really cruel, the mighty alex had us do 25 cleans each - with 95lbs! argh! i'm pretty sure lisa did way more than me!

here's a shot of tony and elora doing theirs . . .

and lisa doing hers while i gagged in the corner!

next up - sit-ups (100 each - which was about the only easy thing we did), and box jumps (75 each) and thrusters (50 each with 65lbs for gawd sakes!)


next came deadlifts (only 25 each with 135lbs) and squats (i volunteered to do most of these, as lisa had done more cleans!) followed by the ever-dreaded burpees (75 each).

jay resting while todd does some . . .

then came kettlebell swings (50 each with 54lbs), and wall climbs - 25 each. i remember at one point, lying on my belly on the floor, having just slid down the wall, and lisa saying, 'i think i'm going to barf.' 'no problem, i'll do another one,' i said! those were AWFUL!! especially right at the end!!

the second to last element was rowing for 200 calories. my legs were pretty fried at this point, but we did it! and then, the grand finale - 12 reps of the bear complex! WHAT THE FUCK!? this consisted of hoisting the bar up onto your chest, doing a front squat, pressing the bar up over your head, bringing it down onto your shoulders, doing a back squat, pressing it back up again, and then bringing it down. prescribed weight - 95lbs! are you kidding me? there was NO way i could do this much weight so i scaled it down to 75. amazing lisa hammered hers out as Rx - she is sooooooooooooooo strong!!!

and so, 2 hours, 17 minutes and 34 seconds after hearing 3,2,1, go - we were done! thanks to father jimmy for 'standing around so long' . . .

and big big big thanks to the best partner ever! you are so amazing lisa! love you!!!

happy fucking new year !!!!!


  1. FUCK!! Back to my workouts tomorrow. You are making us all feel really really guilty.
    FU and a Happy New Year:-)

  2. ahahaha! FU too EJ ! now get your arse moving girl!!

  3. HAHA!! Omg that was great!!

    Good job! It was really hard this year (although I wasn't one of the brave ones this year); it had LOTS of lifts at HEAVY weight and this year it was done in pairs. In previous years we had the option of doing it in groups of three and it was alot of body weight movements or empty bar movements (45 pounds).

    Good on you for taking that monster of a wod down!!