Friday, January 27, 2012

chain squats - squat jumps - jump lunges - box jumps

come on - enough already - my legs are fucked!!! my shoulder's a bit kranky these days, so i've been mostly working the lower body at crossfit. tuesday, the mighty alex gave me 150 box jumps to do - great! then on wednesday, coach D had me do a 10 minute 'tempo-seizure-run' at a blistering 5min/km pace, and a bunch of hill repeats. me and everhard headed over to centerville creek to get THAT done! later that day, the plan was to meet, again, with the mighty alex for a private leg trashing session. i was a little nervous, first of all after receiving this email from him on the weekend, "I got some new toys for your squats :)", and second of all after spotting a bunch of chains lying in the squat rack when i was in there on monday. eep! soooooo, in his rocky balboa voice he tells me to 'put this on your back and squat .....'

good gawd !!

and then he followed that with 150 deadlifts AND squat jumps ! sheesh!

thursday i went into palgrave on my own for an easy hour recovery run. i hadn't been on the swamp route yet this year so i decided to try it out. not really travelled at all, but it was nice!

and surprisingly, the legs were fine ??!!

UNTIL thursday night. da da da da da da . . . the incredible e-lorrrrrra had me do an AMRAP - as many rounds as possible (in 20 minutes) - of pistols/box jumps/jump lunges. GOOD GAWD! me and josh ended up doing 180 of the suckers.

and so yes, my legs are officially 'on vacation' today !!



  1. What comes first, running or working out? Are you a runner who works out or a "workouter" who runs? I feel for you doing the tempo/hill workout. I seem to have sidestepped them for now but think they may pop up in a month or so. Great doing them with someone else though as misery loves company.

  2. hay ej - running comes first. if i have any energy left, then i workout. and yep, running with someone makes me less lazy!!
    ps. LOVE hills/HATE tempos ...