Monday, January 30, 2012

kilbirdie with the captain

so i was actually south of 7 twice this weekend, and once i even drove myself! sunday the captain and i arranged to run at one of our favorite trails - kilbirdie - home of the iroquoia trail test. now the cap knows that i have to work sunday mornings, so he was very kool with waiting until i finished so we could run together. he also knows how much i hate driving south of 7, so he graciously offered to meet me part way! LOVE THE CAPTAIN! now the original plan was to meet at vaughn mills - north of 7 and lots of room to park. then i realized it was kinda going the wrong way and i didn't really want to go to a mall. so after a bunch of emails, a couple phone calls, and consulting the google map, it was decided we would meet at the hornby general store on trafalgar at 10:46. what could go wrong? with directions in hand, i started out the door. wait, i don't have caps' phone number - but i might need it - but that will put me a minute behind schedule - but what if i get lost - i'd better write it down (even though i don't have a cell phone). i got myself over to the 410 - argh - and then onto the 407 - and then the big test - onto the 401! yikes! hay, kool, there's trafalgar road! now it says to turn right on steeles, so i do. hmmm, i don't see a general store. back to the gas station - yay, a phone booth - good thing i wrote down that number. 'cap, where are you?' "dora, i'm at the general store, except that it's been torn down ...' hahaha!! we eventually met up, left the mazda at a car park thingy, and made our way over to kilbirdie high school. it was a great day for a run - trails were in pretty good shape and most of the nasty rock sections were filled with a couple inches of snow - making them way more 'runnable' than usual!

we came across these two young guys mountain biking - now that's crazy!! i could see derricks' son brennan doing this ...

when all was said and done, we put in almost 4 hours and 20 miles - okay, i was 4 hours, cuz i'm slower. we were both pretty bagged! we finished off the day with a burger at kelseys and secret plans for the most ultimate kool race end of april! AND, i managed to make my way back home unscathed - stoopid south of 7 driving.

sunday morning the girls at ghetto were jacked! got their deadlifts up to 105! here's cath warming up .....

and andreaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .....

thanks to the mighty alex for supplying our 'shitty green hampton plates' !

saturday morning i was out on the trails by 8. the forest was beautiful and quite deserted!

wore my knew 'spafford/dion' mitts for an easy 2 hours.

after my run, i drove to brampton (still north of 7) to meet up with my fave couple - lisa and jay. from there, we headed to element crossfit in mississauga to watch some of our bolton members take part in the 'overdose' competition.

here's to-nay getting ready for his third WOD - picking up three plates totaling over a hundred pounds, and carrying them around 30 yards, as many times as possible in 7 minutes! good grief - i used to do that all day with bags of mulch and crushed stone when i worked at the garden center!

father jimmy taking his turn ...

elora carrying 70lbs ...

and kat ...

it was pretty kool to watch, and definitely made me want to try a competition - but not before i get a LOT stronger! all members did amazing, with father jimmy placing 17th, and kat coming in 4th! awesome job guys!!! you did our little box proud !!!


  1. You and I should never drive anywhere together, we would get lost and never find our way to the destination or back home. Hmmmmm, some people have to run in a snowshoe race to get those gloves.

  2. i think he felt bad cuz he talked me into doing a stoopid snowshoe marathon in march ...

  3. Nah....he doesn't feel so bad!

  4. for someone who's about to go run a thousand miles in minus 83 degree weather while pulling a tractor tire full of kettlebells, you're sounding pretty brave! are you packed yet ...

  5. Ha...Thinking about it!

    Still can't believe you fell for the old 'You should run Pittsfield Snowshoe Marathon' line. Love it!