Sunday, January 22, 2012

finally got out on the dions !

seeing as how i have this bloody snowshoe race in vermont in march, i was relieved to finally get out and practice today. me and everhard loaded up the jeep with all our krap and headed to mansfield with hopes of finding at least enough snow to get some time in on the dions. there wasn't a ton of it, but we managed.

E had never ran on snowshoes before, so the first 40 minutes just about killed him! 'um, kendra, are my calves SUPPOSED to be on fire . . .'

once he got used to them, he was fine . . .

and i was chasing his arse up and down all the hills !

after 3+ hours we were totally done! i was exhausted and it felt so good to just dump myself down onto the snow while mr. snowmobiler guy took our picture!

had a good group for friday night club this week! love this shot of my super strong awesome buddy lisa who can push press a tractor trailer!

kat laying around . . .

father jimmy and the girls . . .

early morning abs with kat - some day i'll see the fuckers . . .

borrowed this from facebook - love it!

'keep on trudging - trudging trudging . . .'

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  1. You are having really good time. I would have too :):)