Wednesday, January 11, 2012

january thaw ????

wait a rock-pickin minute - we never got the december freeze-up! normally, i'd be super happy we have no snow and it's mild as shit. HOWEVER, me and everhard, in a momentary lapse of reason, signed up for some snowshoe marathon in vermont in march - so i kinda need some of the white stuff for practicing. this is SO your fault spafford (shaking fist!!)

i spent last weekend south of 7 (to-nay drove) at crossfit toronto doing an olympic lifting certification. that was really kool! trainers were from california and were excellent! we spent all of saturday working on our snatches (shut up digger). so now, maybe, just maybe, i'll be able to do a clean without father jimmy yelling, 'you bent your arms too early.' argh!!!

today was seizure repeat day. i headed over to albion in hopes of finding something relatively flat to run on. i lucked out with a gravel campground road that was about 250m around - the intervals were supposed to be 1km for time - 5 of the fuckers! in spaffords' words, 'Ease into the first couple, but I'd like to see you go pretty hard by the 3rd one and right to the end of the workout. You should be feeling pretty spent on the last couple, not puke spent, but certainly ready to be done. Have fun!! okay, first of all, how in gawd's name could these EVER be considered fun! and second, in all honesty, i was 'ready to be done' before i even started the first one!!

this was my 'track' - good think i had the cascrews on . . .

okay, those pretty much killed me! this was my view when i finished . . .

wednesday i ran through all the single track in palgrave - again - lots of ice!

and again, thank goodness (and richard) for the cascrews . . .

mmmmmm - dinner . . .

i've been doing lots of abs with kat lately, so maybe by the summer we might be able to see more than just one ab - if i stretch my arms up over my head! hahaha!!!

and check out the pic my favorite little redheaded nephew ben took of me when i was out west! awesome!!!! man i look nasty!!

and finally, i borrowed this saying from a guy off facebook . . .

If you can't pick it, grow it or kill it......then don't eat it!!!!


  1. "not puke spent". Isn't it nice to have a coach who knows how to get inside your head and explain the workout in a language you understand.
    Except for the "Have fun" part. He always throws that one my way as well. Perhaps he is trying to subliminally program our brains to think it will be fun. Good job on getting it done. Now that's the fun part:-)