Wednesday, January 18, 2012

burpee box jumps SUCK !

well, blow me over - look what came in the mail the other day! a pair of montrail running shoes - and i have NO idea where they came from or who sent them! must be a generous trail fairy out there. saweet!

did an 'easy' 80 minutes in palgrave today with everhard (running with him isn't exactly easy). it was made even harder by the ice hidden under a light dusting of snow.

we came across my hiking buddy with his FIVE very well behaved dogs!

then after some butternut squash and a pork chop - mmmm, pork chops - i went into bolton to get my ass kicked by the mighty alex . . .

he had me do a bunch of back squats (to warm up - cough) and then he proceeded to totally trash my legs. 'okay (in a tough sounding, rocky balboa voice) you're going to put a 45lb bar on your back and do 50 squat jumps - have you ever done these before - and then you're going to run over to the rower, and go as hard as you can for 500meters. you have to do this within 4 minutes, or you will get a burpee for every 10 seconds over. then you will get a 3 minute rest. and then, you will do it 2 more times." oh for GAWD SAKES ! hard as i tried, i was finally unable to avoid the dreaded burpee penalty - damn you possamai !!! i ended up doing 7 of the fuckers! and i almost threw up! it was awesome!!

despite the chilly weather on the weekend, i still managed a couple of good runs. did 2 and a half on saturday - up k2 and over to hwy 9 - and then another 2+ on sunday in palgrave with everhard.

it was pretty icy then too, and we were both glad to have stayed upright!

love this shot . . .

and oh ya, last friday - well, you know how much i love burpees - well we got to do something even more exciting. not only did we have to do a burpee . . .

i HATE burpees,

but we then had to jump up on a box . . .

ONE HUNDRED TIMES !!! and just look at the mighty one laughing at us all!

oh, and seriously, if anyone's looking for something practical to give me for my birthday next year, i'd REALLY appreciate one of these for soaking in after my long runs. i don't have a bath tub . . .

cute guy with the sunglasses optional . . .


  1. Great to see/hear you got out for your run on Sunday Kendra. Was pretty slick where I was also... Awesome fitness junky report, very awe inspiring!


  2. thanks stephen! love my cascrews!