Saturday, December 31, 2011

happiness is a dry pair of sox . . .

did my last long run for 2011. not really cold out, but just enough snow, at just the right temperature, where every footstep is like plodding through a slushy. i was thinking when i left, and stuck a pair of dry sox in my pack, which i put on at the top of k2.

the birthday tree was amazing - totally blanketed in ice . . .

after 3 hours, i was cold and very wet (all the snow kept falling down off the trees). dunc had just donated a stove to the treehouse the other day, so i threw on a pair of my momma spafford sox and chucked my arse down in front of it for an hour to warm everything up! mmmmm! glorious heat!

friday night was kool! me and dunc went for a ski in albion. now it's been a few years since i last tried motoring myself around on 2 skinny boards, and my waxing skills were non-existent! as a result, i had absolutely no grip, and was forced to 'muscle' myself around the trails. funniest was when i lost control on a hill, yelled 'incoming' and made dunc sprint on his skis to avoid me crashing into him! 'must get waxless skis' . . .

not sure when this was taken, but kool shot of me doing push jerks!

thursday i got miss luscious, everhard, and to-nay and the lovely lia from cfb to run in palgrave!

i wasn't even close to keeping up with to-nay! next time i'm making him wear a weighted vest!

crossfit bolton people rock!!

and tomorrow . . .


happy new year everybody!

'long may you run'

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