Monday, December 26, 2011

i want to look like a wolf . . .

were the words uttered out of the little redhead's mouth when he got up into the chair. 'good grief - this could go SO wrong', i whispered to my favorite sister! 'um, they didn't teach us THAT one in hair dresser school . . .' was the response from the adorable panic stricken stylist!!?

BUT holy krap! she did it! he actually DID look like a wolf when all was said and done!! crisis averted!!!

i spent an amazing week with my favorite sister and my incredible little redheaded nephew ben. we had the best christmas E-VER!

we decorated gingerbread cookies . . .

two days in a row . . .

my favorite sister baked up a storm . . .

the kid made me crawl under a table - 'it's a tunnel auntie kendra!' luckily daddy was there to help push when i got stuck!

haha! you look just as silly as me bob !!!

we went to this place called 'energy-plex'. basically a huge indoor playground - very kool!

'come on auntie kendra - it's fun!'

yes, i braved the billions of 'little kid germs' and managed not to kill myself!!

can you resist this face . . .

and ahahahahaha! i got the kid playing 'angry birds' . . .

let's build an obstacle course auntie kendra . . .

chrismas morning was a blurr of transformers, super heroes, crayons, playdough and lego!

and before i knew it, it was time to go.

jacked up on way too much sugar, i got on the plane and headed back to ontario. i miss them already (big big sad face).


  1. wonderful photos- looks like a good time was had by all-- yeah, we'd know this was your sis even w/o captions on the pix ;-)
    Glad y'all had a good holiday!

  2. thanks judy! she is the good looking one! and the smart one!