Thursday, December 29, 2011

angry birds

got the best hat from moose for christmas! ahahahaha! the 'bomb bird' - LOVE it!

felt really good to hit the trails again. did 2:30 with everhard on monday. despite his appearance, I was still in tights!

and then back to crossfit bolton on tuesday - father jimmy was so mean! made us do deadlifts and burpees! i ended up with 90 of each, with the deads at 185lbs - owwwww!

and as for the shorts - couldn't do it wednesday! temp was in the minus doubles, and the wind was ugly. so i dusted off the tights and plodded through albion with everhard.

we then did some 'seizure repeats' on the rail trail. the 3" of fresh pow made them even more challenging than usual, but we got 'em done . . .

and wednesday night my ghetto girls (and ian) dug out the dions and rocked palgrave forest!! it was awesome!!!

after way too many attempts at the timer on my camera, and the flash not working, and a few hissy fits, or 'going angry bird' as dunc put it, we just got ian to take a group shot!

so i guess i'd better get back out on the dions, cuz me and everhard have foolishly signed up for a snowshoe marathon in vermont in march - that's 42k - what the fuck was i thinking . . .


  1. Marathon+cold+snowshoes?
    What the fuck were you thinking is right. Glad it's not me.C'mon summer!

  2. ohmygawd! i know! this is definitely one of the stoopider things i've signed up for !