Sunday, October 2, 2011

pylon run at kilbirdie !

wahoo! finally got to run with the pylons again. me and moose headed over to kilbirdie this morning to meet up with cy and the captain. temp was perfect, rain held off and the trail was mint!

the guys were great! i'm a lot slower, so they all took turns running with me. we'd get to a water stop, and they'd 'tag' me to someone else!!

'alright, i'll take her next . . .'

i sure was glad for my fleece after the run - man it got chilly!

me and moose finished with about 15 miles, and i think cap and cy had 20. awesome awesome run - thanks guys - i really missed you !!!!!

after 210 burpees at crossfit on saturday - yes - i said 210 burpees - AND - 210 kettlebell swings - i biked over to inglewood to pick up a 3 liter bladder for my pack. will be needing it for my next big adventure . . .

friday night club had tony helping us with our snatches . . .

and wednesday i ran into miss liz'bet and mum on the rail trail. totally can't believe she managed to get her mother out hiking!!!

the rest of the week was filled with crossfit - lots of box jumps - and some longer runs. legs are starting to feel normal again! good thing - i'm going to need them for my next big adventure . . .

hehe !


  1. so what's the next big adventure????

  2. i thought you'd never ask . . .

    grand canyon - rim2rim2rim end of october!

  3. another awesome adventure -Wohoo!!
    That looks crazy...enjoy