Sunday, October 16, 2011

krazy weather running . . .

enjoyed the fall weather this week for sure! struggled a bit with my run on wednesday, but still managed just under 2 hours. great shot up the top of k2.

just past the gore . . .

just before centerville creek . . .

and a really kool maple tree shot . . .

friday night club - got my squat back up a little - 125 for reps of 5 - and more snatches!

had the girls doing ring dips at ghetto on saturday! every one of them thought they couldn't do them, and were hugely surprised when they discovered they could!!

then went for a 3 hour tour in hockley. started out with moose, geoff and onions, but quickly lost sight of them.

finally caught up with onions after 90 minutes as he was on his way back down from dunby.

practiced running with 3L of h2o and a couple extra bottles, plus a bunch of clothes and food - getting ready for r2r2r which is coming up real soon!

a lot of kool bridges . . .

i LOVE hockley!

such an awesome day! windy, blustery, drizzly - perfect krazy fall running weather!!! managed to get in 3 hours!

and DOH !!! moose kranked his ankle a couple of good ones, but was still able to get himself out - with geoff in tow! i came back to him sitting in the car with his foot on ice, listening to the radio and reading a book. man that sucks! but, we figure he'll be back out in no time! stoopid roots!!

we finished off the run in typical hockley fashion - with a trip to the general store for coffee and snacks!! mmmmm!

today after crossfit - lots of lunges and step ups while wearing a 10lb vest - i went for a shorter run on the humber. again, a typical unpredictable fall day - little bit of everything.

put in almost 2 and a half hours, and will now taper a bit in preparation for the big canyon run which is coming up fast!!


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