Monday, October 10, 2011

'get on your bike and ride'

alright! legs were a little kranky after saturdays' epic run, so i was glad for an old lady ride the next day. i had my crossfit friend, the lovely lia, come and join me on the rail trail.

and speaking of old ladies - check out the two characters we ran into coming back from belfountain - bruno and walter . . .

lia and i made it to inglewood, where we, of course, and on coach D's orders, stopped for an ice cream - because according to him, 'without ice cream, there would be chaos and darkness.' and i'm sure i've used this before, but it's a good one and so true!!!

thanks for the company my lovely friend! we have to get you out more often and get that beautiful backside of yours toughened up!

monday was 'supposed' to be a rest day, but, if i may quote the coach again, 'If you find you are going out of your mind on Monday, it would be fine to go for a light ride.' well, going out of my mind is pretty much a 'constant' these days, so i figured i was safe! my friend josh was wanting to get out, so we made plans to leave around noon. and yes, that's my beloved aquila he's riding!

we rode up st. andrews (don't tell the coach) and by the golf course - it really isn't as steep as it looks . . .

another gorgeous day! i managed this pic riding down the NEW PAVEMENT on old church - love the new pavement!!!

and i just couldn't resist this shot of miss lillian relaxing on the deck - all sleepy with a belly full of tuna!

'life is good'


  1. So much fun Kendra!
    Thanks again for letting me tag along on that beautiful Sunday!
    And yes, it would definitely be a much different world without ice cream!